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Body Care

Alley Gates – deep relaxation of the shoulder muscles

Alley Gates
Alley Gates

Alley Gatesthe program relieves the muscles of the shoulders from tension, during the treatment the electric current flows in and out automatically, which creates a pleasant and relaxing feeling during the procedure.

For painful shoulders, it is recommended to combine it with an ultrasound analgesic preparation. 

We recommendAlley Gates to be performed as a course, as well as combined with classic massage, vacuum massage for the back, vacuum massage for the face.

Price and duration:
15 mins - 20.00 EUR
30 mins - 30.00 EUR

Procedure for upper part of hands

Procedūra aukšdelmiem
Procedūra aukšdelmiem

We offer a brand new service, Arm cuffs.

A little history. Rudolph Weyergan, while still a student of sociology, conducted a study, talked to women who also had their armpit lymph nodes removed after breast oncology. He found that it was this large swelling in the hands that caused more discomfort for women, which could only be treated with manual massages and bandages.

R. Weyergans was the first to create and patent hand cuffs that are activated by mechanical pressure. One chamber overlapping the other, which fills with air, will ensure a physiologically gentle return of lymph. This method is still used in medicine.

In aesthetic cosmetology, we use this procedure to more actively remove slags, promote tissue purification, and improve the condition and appearance of the skin of the upper arms.

In order for the result to be faster and better, we offer to combine this procedure with vacuum massage, ultrasound and electrical procedures.

A procedure program is drawn up individually for each client.

The price:

30.00 EUR

30 minutes

Six steps to a perfect body

Seši soļi perfektam augumam
Vakuuma masāža kājām, sēžai, viduklim, vēderam, sēžai, viduklim
Kanēļa krēms ar sildošu efektu
Kanēļa krēms ar sildošu efektu
Gaisa Zābakos

Step 1. Vacuum massage for legs, buttocks, waist, abdomen, buttocks, waist

  • Improves lymph flow;

  • Improves fat metabolism;

  • Strengthens connective tissue.

Step 2. Simply Red

  • Shaping body spray with warming effect;

  • Breaks down fat into fat cells; 

  • Makes the body contour slimmer and connective tissue firmer.

Step 3. Cinnamon cream with warming effect

  • Increases fat metabolism;

  • Stimulates the elimination of metabolic end products and toxins;

  • Smoothes the relief of the skin.

  • Reduces volume.

Step 4. The client is wrapped in film and placed in Air Boots

  • Mechanical pressure improves lymph flow;

  • Vascular training.

Step 5. At the same time, a vacuum massage is performed on the hands while lying in lymph drainage boots

  • Improves lymph flow; 

  • Promotes fat metabolism;

  • Strengthens connective tissue;

  • Reduces volume.

Step 6. Simply Red preparation

  • Breaks down fat into fat cells

  • Makes the contour of the hands slimmer and the connective tissues firmer.

The price:
99.00 EUR

2 hours

SLIDE STYLER - Mechanical Lymph Drainage


See the video


Mechanical lymphatic drainage or air boots is a gentle, rolling pressure massage with air cushions, during which the pressure moves from the bottom up, from the ankles to the knees, hips and pelvis.


During the procedure, metabolic processes are activated, lymph returns, cellulite decreases, and metabolism improves.

This procedure is suitable for people with a sedentary lifestyle, overweight, cellulite, venous return disorders, physical overload, as well as for the prevention of leg diseases. 

Already after the first procedure, the feeling of heaviness in the legs disappears, the swelling and fatigue in the feet decrease, there is a feeling of lightness in the whole body. 

The result is tangible, visible and measurable.

We recommend combining this procedure with those offered by our salonFor the treatment procedures of differentiated cellulitein order to achieve the result you want faster and more effectively:

- DERMIO TOP HEAD– oxygen ion therapy for the face,
- SPM vacuum massage for the body,
- lipolysis, polyshape,
- ultrasound,
- combination of lipolysis and ultrasound,
- Body Wrapping – body wrapping.

Before the procedure, STAYLER CREMS is applied, which activates lymph circulation, moisturizes, nourishes and soothes the skin.


Active ingredients:arnica, ivy, clinkerite, tauksak

ne, azulene, tocopherol (vit. E)

A pleasant light scent for daily use, even after sunbathing. SOS mask for dermatitis.

The price:
1 procedure - 25.00 EUR
1 procedure with Styler cream - 30.00 EUR 

30 minutes

Variable Pressure Capsule "Vacustyler"


Cosmic technology for anti-aging effect

Vacustyler is the latest of the Weyergans inventions, it is also one of the cornerstones of the complete cellulite elimination program.

Vacustyler (variable pressure capsule):

  • activation of lymphatic drainage;

  • increasing fat metabolism;

  • strengthening of connective tissue;

  • prevention of leg diseases, vascular training.

Vacustyler is a lymphatic drainage method with additional vascular training. It is used:

  • for the treatment of cellulite;

  • to reduce edema, heaviness in the legs;

  • for the treatment of enlarged and varicose veins;

  • to improve microcirculation (especially in diabetic patients);

  • after active sports activities (to remove lactic acid);

  • for improving erection and potency.

The price:

1 procedure - 25.00 EUR
1 procedure with Styler cream - 30.00 EUR 

30 minutes 

Vacuum Massage for Body 


With the help of vacuum massage (SPM Vacupress), cellulite problems are successfully treated in both small and large areas of the body. Vacuum massage has a beneficial effect on lymph flow, frees the body from metabolic end products and strengthens connective tissue.

The purpose of forming lymph channels is to remove waste materials from the body so that new nutrients and oxygen reach the cells faster. 

Advantages of lymph channel building:

  • frees tissues from slags (important for the treatment of cellulite);

  • removes fluid from tissues (for example, in cases of swelling of the face and body);

  • treats tissue (accelerates tissue regeneration);

  • relaxes and removes tension (relaxes back and neck muscles).

The causes of fluid accumulation are limited range of motion, monotonous work, excessive load, irritation caused by inflammation, mechanical blockage (scars resulting from operations and injuries), diseases.

With the help of vacuum massage procedures, all already dried and tightened scar tissue can be softened.

Vacuum massage can be used to shape the abdomen, stretch the inside of the hips, stimulating the deeper layers of tissue, thereby activating the production of elastin and collagen.

The vacuum massager with low or high negative pressure provides the following treatment processes:

  • lymphatic drainage – used in cellulite therapy to remove waste and excess fluid;

  • relaxation – good relaxation for neck and shoulder muscles;

  • skin shaping - stretch marks therapy, shaping of thighs, upper arms, as well as shaping of buttocks, abdomen, breasts;

  • circulation/regeneration – elimination of fat deposits (cell metabolism increases), cell activation, skin strengthening, especially in the face and neck area;

  • increasing phagocytosis - activation of phagocytes; these are cells that destroy fat deposits, foreign bodies and unnecessary tissue, such as in the treatment of telangiectasia, couperosis and spider veins.

We recommend using:

Styler Tea– a balanced, great-tasting concoction designed to cleanse and dehydrate cells located between the skin and subcutaneous fat. Nutricare Styler Tea also promotes general vitality and vigor. The effects of certain tea components are well known, they improve health and stabilize the immune system. 

Consume a lot of water in your diet - an average of 2.5 liters per day.

Prices and procedure duration: 

Vacuum massage of full body - 2 hours - 90.00 EUR

Vacuum massage of legs, buttocks and stomach - 1 hour - 50.00 EUR

Vacuum massage of the waist and stomach - 45 minutes - 35.00 EUR

Vacuum massage for the shoulders, trapezium - 30 minutes - 30.00 EUR

Vacuum back massage - 30 minutes - 30.00 EUR

After the procedure is applied Styler cream–  which is included in differential cellulite therapy, improves lymph circulation, protects the skin and makes it much softer;

Elekctropulse Therapy: Lipolysis, Polyshape, Isotone

Elektroimpulsu terapija
Elektroimpulsu terapija: lipolīze, polišeips, isotone

Electrolipolysis is one of the most recognized therapies used in the treatment of local subcutaneous fat and cellulite. Lipolysis (correction of the body with gentle current) is known in medicine and cosmetology as the breakdown and destruction of depot adipose tissue. 

Every healthy cell has a normal electrical potential, and because there are different concentrations of ions mostly concentrated inside and outside the cell, electricity is able to exchange ions between the inside of the cell and the intercellular space. 

Due to the change in the electrical potential of the cell, the cell membrane becomes permeable for a short time. Therefore, cell metabolism increases and the metabolic activity of the enzyme lipase increases, which improves cell lipometabolism. At the same time, the circulation in this area will be strengthened, which allows to transport the end products of metabolism much faster.

The most suitable treatment areas for lipolysis are the buttock, hips, outer and inner thigh, galifée inner knee, inner upper arm. Men usually treat what is known as the spare tire.

Effect of lipolysis:

  • stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, which acts on capillaries, stimulating nerves and blood vessel walls;

  • increases the permeability of adipocyte (fat cell) membranes and reduces their size;

  • hydrolyzes (drains) the skin, especially in cases of cellulite, when there is a tendency to accumulate fluid in the tissues;

  • tones (strengthens) tissue by rhythmic contraction of myofibrils (muscle).

Isotone programsas a result, the skin of your chest, abdomen or buttocks is strengthened for a long time.

In the Polyshape programincludes the use of various currents that ensure the regeneration and firmness of connective tissue. The different types of currents ensure high-quality ion exchange in the skin, fat tissue and muscles, supplying them with an adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients. Such conditions are ideal for tissue regeneration.

The price:

30.00 EUR

30 minutes

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultraskaņas terapija
Ultraskaņas terapija

Ultrasound is a term associated with the modern lifestyle. It is a new method of body treatment that combines skin toning, shaping and slimming procedures.

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a term associated with a modern lifestyle. Ultrasound is sound waves that exceed 20,000 vibrations per second, which cannot be perceived by the human ear. Ultrasound is produced using special equipment. 

It has been successfully used in medicine, therapy and beauty care for many years.

Ultrasound exposure:

1. Thermal– a feeling of warmth.
2. Mechanical– micro massage.
3. Biological– physiological processes:

  • dilatation of blood vessels (increases the supply of cells with oxygen);

  • hyperemia (improves blood circulation);

  • permeability of cell membranes improves;

  • lymph return improves;

  • tissue pH changes in an alkaline direction;

  • relaxation of tight muscles;

  • pain decreases;

  • inflammatory processes are reduced.

The use of ultrasound in cosmetology has the following effect: by acoustically irradiating the skin, metabolic processes are activated, end products are removed more efficiently. 

After each treatment, skin cells are able to absorb and store more moisture. Skin color improves, skin texture looks younger

Excellent results can be achieved in breast and whole body regenerative therapy. The skin becomes smoother and firmer. 

Unlike other methods, the treatment is also favorably influenced by the deep thermal effect, which increases fat metabolism.


At the same time, deep massage (micromassage) in areas where cellulite is combined with "galifè" syndrome also has optimal results.

Use in cosmetology:

  • heals cellulite, "shapes" thighs, weak connective tissue;

  • increases metabolism and local fat burning (including loose abdominal connective tissue);

  • improves the appearance of the skin (for example, treatment of wrinkles or stretch marks);

  • helps to administer high-concentration preparations

We recommend combining the procedure withvacuum massage, Body Wrapping,Vacustyler.

The price:

30.00 EUR

30 minutes

Combination of ultrasound with lipolysis

Ultraskaņas saslēgums ar lipolīzi
Ultraskaņas saslēgums ar lipolīzi

Combining ultrasound with lipolysis achieves a double effect in breaking down fat and strengthening connective tissue.

Ultrasoundis a deep micromassage of the connective tissue, with the help of which the active ingredients of cosmetics are introduced. Thus, metabolism and enzymes are stimulated. In general, the purpose of ultrasound is to combat weak, flabby tissue on the bottom, abdomen, hips and upper arms.

Lipolysis– with the help of electric current, changing pulses activate enzymes that increase the breakdown of fat deposits and the formation of triglycerides. 

Fats are broken down and metabolic end products are removed from the body.

We recommend combining the procedure withvacuum massage, Body Wrapping,Vacustyler.

The price:

40.00 EUR

30 minutes

Breast correction with vacuum massage

Krūšu koriģēšana ar vakuummasāžu
Krūšu koriģēšana ar vakuummasāžu

Vacuum massage is recommended for improving skin tone, lifting and strengthening connective tissue, as well as breast enlargement and shaping. An ideal procedure for mothers after the period of feeding the baby.

Vacuum massage helps very well in correcting small breast asymmetry.

As a result of the procedure, you will get beautiful and firm breasts, without surgical intervention and medication!

The price:

30.00 EUR

30 minutes

Breast applicators

Aplikatori krūtīm

Breast lift, construction and firming without any surgery?


It is possible already and in a very pleasant way

The procedure for strengthening the connective tissue of the breast is very simple, it lasts 30 minutes. Pleasant relaxation is possible while enjoying the procedure.

The futuristic-looking breast cups are easily placed on your chest and connected to a digital control device that regulates the pressure level in the breast cups. Positive and negative pressure is alternately provided in the cups, as a result of which tissue blood supply, oxygenation, improved lymph flow, strengthened connective tissue and improved metabolism are stimulated.

The result will be shaped breasts with firm and soft skin.

We recommend performing the procedure 2 to 3 times a week.

A better result can be achieved by combining the procedure with vacuum massage,ultrasoundandWeyergans High Care cosmetics

In order for the result to be more permanent, we recommend using at home:

Formula Stick – for intense breast skin strengthening. The preparation is created from natural extracts that can accelerate cell growth and division. When using Formula Stick, the skin of the chest and décolleté becomes firmer and firmer.

Styler formula ampoules– for toning and shaping the skin of the chest. Contains the active substance - fibrostimulin (a bioactive serum containing embryo and placenta extracts).

FC-L GEL– a high-tech liposome preparation that improves skin tone. Used to tighten, firm and smooth the skin.

Colamine– a high-quality food supplement. Contains amino acids to strengthen the skin.

The price:

30.00 EUR

30 minutes

Vacuum breast massage + breast applicators

Vakuummasāža krūtīm + krūšu aplikatori
Vakuummasāža krūtīm + krūšu aplikatori

Enzyme peeling– exfoliates dead cells, cleans, nourishes and softens the skin, restores the protective protein layer of the skin and prevents the formation of rough skin.

Vacuum massage– restores tired, relaxed, uneven, wrinkled skin. Blood circulation improves, new cells are formed faster.

Tone Up – refreshes and cleans the skin, stabilizes the skin's protective layer, softens it.

FC-L GEL– a high-tech liposome preparation that improves skin tone. Used to tighten, firm and smooth the skin.

Variable pressure breast applicators– for breast lifting, construction and strengthening of connective tissue.

Plasticizing Algae Mask

Effect - visibly improves skin structure and skin tone, prevents skin laxity, improves oxygen exchange in cells, sculpts the shape of the breast, provides breast lifting, strengthens connective tissue, helps prevent stretch marks, scars. Breast skin becomes firm, well contoured.

For a better and more permanent result, we recommend combining the procedure with ultrasound, by injecting a connective tissue strengthening preparation.

The price:
75.00 EUR

1.5 hours

Brazilian Butt

Brazīļu dibentiņš
Brazīļu dibentiņš

The procedure is actually a double procedure with a double effect!

Step 1.Vacuum massage contributes to the improvement of lymph flow, fat metabolism, strengthening of connective tissue, increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The procedure works by stimulating the deeper layers of the tissue, as a result of which the production of elastin and collagen is activated.

Application of AE-Stick to promote the activation of fat metabolism.

Step 2.The effect of variable pressure applicators improves tissue blood supply, better lymph flow. It promotes metabolism and also strengthens connective tissue, improving the quality of the skin.

Benefits – significant skin tightening, buttock lifting and shaping. 

The results are visible and felt immediately and manifest as significant changes in the figure.

By pampering yourself with these wonderful procedures, you will get a beautiful Brazilian bottom!

We recommend performing the procedures twice a week, 8-15 procedures.

The price:

50.00 EUR

50 minutes

Compression wrap with a cinnamon/algae mask

Kompresijas ietīšana ar ar kanēļa/aļģu masku
Kompresijas ietīšana ar ar kanēļa/aļģu masku

Body Wrapping with cinnamon/algae mask

Compression therapy (wrapping the body with cinnamon cream).

During the procedure, lymph flow improves, end products of metabolism are actively removed from the body, fat metabolism in cells increases, connective tissue is strengthened, the skin is toned, the skin relief is evened out.

Already after the first procedure, the circumference significantly decreases, minus 2 cm.

Saving your precious time, we recommend that you also enjoy a facial treatment at the same time.

The price:

45.00 EUR

40 minutes

Compression wrap with a cinnamon mask

Kompresijas ietīšana ar kanēļa masku
Kompresijas ietīšana ar kanēļa masku

Body wrap with cinnamon mask:

  • improves blood circulation and lymph circulation;

  • removes slag;

  • extracts and essential oils cleanse and restore;

  • reduces cellulite.

Already after the first procedure, the circumference decreases, the skin becomes smoother, toxins are removed from the body.

The price:

40.00 EUR

40 minutes

For the well-being of the body

Slaidam ķermenim un vieglai labsajūtai
Slaidam ķermenim un vieglai labsajūtai

Benefits - you will gain your precious time, because while sleeping in "Air Boots" your skin will receive the wonderful effects of the Cinnamon Algae mask at the same time!


Within an hour, lymph flow triples, metabolism doubles, connective tissue strengthening, vascular training.

Step 1.Vacuum massageimproves lymph flow and increases metabolism. 

Step 2. Cinnamon Algae Mask, with its warming effect will actively blood the tissues, increase the metabolism. Algae improves skin firmness.

Step 3.Lymphatic drainage bootswith the effect of mechanical pressure improves lymph flow and increases metabolism or* Vacustayler, vacuum therapy, ensures lymph flow, increases metabolism, strengthens connective tissue, training for blood vessel walls. 

* In step 3, the selection of devices is based on individual indications.

80.00 EUR

1 hour 20 minutes



Removal of excess hair in unwanted areas with professional I. DE. MA for waxes made from pine resin. The success of the manufacturer Xanitalia which has allowed it to become a leader in the depilatory wax market, is based on careful quality control. 

The special fruit aromas and the special colors of the wax make the procedure very pleasant and refreshing. 


The titanium dioxide in its composition ensures a gentle and gentle waxing procedure for particularly sensitive skin.

Prices and duration

Chin and upper lip   

10.00 EUR (10 minutes)


5.00 - 15.00 EUR (10 minutes)


15.00 - 20.00 EUR (20 minutes)


20.00 EUR (20 minutes)

Full bikini   

30.00 EUR  (40 minutes)

Lower legs and knees

15.00 - 20.00 EUR  (20 minutes)

30.00 EUR (30 minutes)


Discount on birthday and name day!

In the week of your birthday anniversary, as well as on the day of your name day, we give you a 15% discount for any chosen procedure.

Enjoy this moment and get satisfaction!

Please apply for procedures at least two days in advance!

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