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Riga Wealth Weyergans

Beauty injections

RRS® Long Lasting – innovative hybrid preparation that combines the properties of filler and biorevitalizer

RRS® Long Lasting - an obvious result immediately after the procedure that continues for a long time. The maximum ideal effect is already visible 10-14 days after the first injection.

Slow biodegradation process of the preparation thanks to the patented new UH technology. Also, the patented CO Delivery technology ensured gradual release of dosed oligomers from hyaluronic acid.

RRS® Long Lasting:

  • Immediate visible results;

  • High level of security. Easy to inject;

  • Comfort during and after the procedure;

  • Ability to process large areas at the same time;

  • Minimal side effects;

  • Can be combined with other RRS preparations;

  • Plasticity and flexibility;

  • Resistance to hyaluronidase;

  • No rehabilitation is required;

  • For the treatment of elasticity, atrophy, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin dehydration


  • Cell volume, filling;

  • Skin lifting and atrophy;

  • Effects of photoaging;

  • Smoothing of deep, medium wrinkles;

  • Correction of the nasolabial fold.


  • Disorders of skin integrity;

  • Skin diseases;

  • Allergy to any of the ingredients;

  • Systemic pathology in the active phase;

  • Pregnancy, lactation period.

RRS® Long Lasting composition: 

21mg/3ml stabilized HA + booster, consisting of 15 amino acids and osmolytes, which maximally reduces skin stress at the injection site. Thanks to CO-Delivery and UH-Technologies, a slow biodegradation process and long-lasting deep moisturizing have been achieved.

The price:

by request

by request


Discount on birthday and name day!

In the week of your birthday anniversary, as well as on the day of your name day, we give you a 15% discount for any chosen procedure.

Enjoy this moment and get satisfaction!

Please apply for procedures at least two days in advance!

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