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Face Care cosmetic

"High Care" sejas kopšanas kosmētika

Facial skin is particularly sensitive and exposed to various irritating factors. For example, an air conditioner and overly-hot rooms, in particular, reduce the ability of the skin to retain moisture. Our High Care cosmetics provide ability to protect your face!


Care products with selective nutritional ingredients are designed to meet the specific needs of your facial skin.


The result is unbelievably healthy, fresh and smooth facial skin.

Cleansing Balm

Cleansing Balm

Gentle and deep effect

The skin-friendly cleansing balm is a very practical product. It is suitable for quick and deep cleansing of all skin types without drying it out. An ideal skin cleanser for people with limited time who still don't want to neglect thorough skin cleansing.

Package 200 ml Ref. Nr. 140

Price: 27.24 EUR

Tone Up

Tone Up

A refreshing cleanser

Refreshing and cleansing tonic for the face, does not contain alcohol. Intended for removing

Cleansing Milk and stabilizing the skin's protective layer.
Tone Up softens the skin and optimally prepares it for the next stage of purification. It contains many refreshing, high-quality plant essences.

Package 200 ml Ref. Nr. 100

Price: 25.51 EUR

Soft Peeling

Soft Peeling

Peeling with proteins

Facial skin needs to be cleaned once a week with peeling for successful renewal.
Soft Peeling is not only extremely gentle, but also contains natural proteins that stabilize the skin's protective layer. The softening arnica and soybean oil are also high-quality ingredients of Soft Peeling

Package 100 ml Ref. Nr. 131

Price: 36.80 EUR

Hydro Mousse

Hydro Mousse

Vitamin foam

Hydro Mousse is a special type of moisturizer: a pleasant light foam enriched with vitamins and quickly absorbed into the skin. Thanks to the Root extract in the composition, the skin is able to maintain a high level of moisture for a long time. Ideal for daily skin care – even for men after shaving.

Package 100 ml Ref. Nr. 105

Price: 51.46 EUR

Crystal Collagen Gel Mask

Crystal Collagen Gel Mask

Natural marine collagen and moisturizing factor for wonderful skin care

Crystal Collagen Gel Mask is a gel face mask that adapts to the user. It contains Sargassum and Dropwort extracts for deep hydration. It acts against the formation of wrinkles, supplies the skin with minerals and trace elements. In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid, which supplies connective tissue with moisture. Makes the skin especially smooth, improves complexion and ensures its even tone. 

Package 1 pc. Ref. Nr. 136

Price: 20.00 EUR

C7 Plus

C7 Plus

Refreshing formula

It is a powerfully moisturizing formula with algae extract, aloe and jojoba oil. But this is not the only reason why this cream is so suitable for daily use for dry and young skin: the secret of the cream is the small beads that contain pure vitamin C, which is released when the cream is massaged into the skin. Maximum refresh!

Package 50 ml Ref. Nr. 090

Price: 48.24 EUR



New vitality for mature skin

Viva is a really appropriate name for this cream. This moisturizer is richer than C7 plus and therefore especially suitable for mature and irritated skin. Highly effective moisturizing substances and vitamins revitalize the skin and make it wonderfully soft - your skin will feel soft throughout the day!

Package 50 ml Ref. Nr. 082

Price: 50.31 EUR



Special protection for sensitive skin

Thin and sensitive skin lacks lipids and needs additional protection. This special rich, nourishing cream Balance  contains deeply moisturizing oils and waxes, as well as Thymus extract, which strengthens the skin's natural resistance. A high concentration of vitamin E protects against free radicals and inhibits the aging process of the skin.

Package 50 ml Ref. Nr. 096

Price: 56.92 EUR



Cleansing and nourishing the facial skin

Ideal for acne and irritated skin. Revival is a multifunctional mask. This is possible because it contains a grain sprout extract that stabilizes the pH level of the skin. It also clears the skin of clogged pores, inflamed and oily skin. Licorice and panthenol provide a calming effect. The result is healthy, clean and glowing skin!

Package 50 ml Ref. Nr. 177

Price: 49.39 EUR

Sebo Care

Sebo Care

Specially investigated effects

Sebo Care always works correctly - whether it's too dry or too oily skin, because this product contains two important enzymes that are activated depending on the pH level of the skin. They restore the acid-base balance in your skin and make it silky soft! 

Package 50 ml Ref. Nr. 181

Price: 46.42 EUR

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

A natural remedy

"Tea Tree Oil" distillate from Australia, 100% natural product, extract from Australian halophytes. Tea Tree Oil  is used for various cosmetological purposes, for example for disinfecting inflamed and damaged skin, protection against bacteria. The product is also well suited for the prevention of skin irritations.

Package 30 ml Ref. Nr. 193

Price: 41.91 EUR

UV+Sun Care SPF 50

RUV+Sun Care SPF 50

Sun protection for all skin types. The perfect end to daily facial care

Active ingredients:
Panthenol, Shea butter, titanium dioxide, tocopherol acetate.

UV+ Care SPF 50 can be used in the morning as a day cream for sun protection. Apply a small amount on cleansed skin - face, neck and décolleté area, and gently massage.

Package 30 ml Ref. Nr. 302

Price: 54.85 EUR

How to make an order for "Weyergans" product?

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We will contact you to let you know when and where you can receive your order. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact our center specialists in any convenient way. 

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