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IONO- JET 2.0 plasma therapy

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A procedure for the face, neck, décolleté, as well as special care for the palms of the hands

The procedure is painless and comparable to biorevitalization.

Four effects work synergistically for the JONO - JET 2.0 procedure.

Enriched oxygen plasma + negative ions + high pressure + High Care serums, peptides, vitamins, plant stem cells, active ingredients from the plant kingdom.

JONO - JET 2.0 recommends:

  • for cleaning pores

  • for skin detoxification

  • in anti-aging therapy

  • in anti-wrinkle therapy

  • for the lifting effect

  • skin "whitening" (for a lighter skin tone)

  • for reducing pigmentation

  • for a long-lasting effect

JONO - JET 2.0 provides:

  • immediate penetration of preparations


Thanks to oxygen plasma: 

  • metabolism in skin cells is stimulated

  • skin cells are more supplied with energy that provides

  • faster cell division, regeneration


The aim:

  • faster improvement of skin appearance

  • visible skin renewal

  • Over neutralization of pH acidity

  • increasing collagen synthesis


(-) ions mobilize ions in the intercellular fluid as a result

  • blood circulation will increase significantly

  • cell division will increase

  • cell regeneration improves


The high-pressure oxygen plasma jet ensures

  • lymph reflux

  • micro massage

High Care Jono - Jet concentrates

Jono - Jet Peeling

Fermented yeast extract contains

  • amino acids, peptides participate in cell regeneration

  • extract from clay microorganisms, obtained in the fermentation process


  • the intercellular tissue is cleaned of lipids, so the components introduced in the future are better absorbed

  • the skin becomes softer

  • skin cleansed of dead pores

  • large pores are reduced

  • the skin becomes slightly lighter

  • antibacterial effect

Jono - Jet Detox

Skin that has been cleansed of toxins can have a healthy, radiant appearance. 

Algae extract 
* cleans the skin, tissues

Chive flower stem cell extract
* skin cell purifier
* eliminates harmful substances in the skin

A plant of the Alps and the Pyrenees, which has adapted to the extreme environment at 2000 m above sea level and temperatures around - 30 C
* protects, restores the skin
* eliminates damaged proteins and other metabolic end products
* likened to a "spring cleaning" for the skin


  • the local  inflammation process decreases

  • the skin's protective mechanisms are stimulated

  • skin redness decreases

  • the feeling of dryness in the skin decreases

  • the skin is given more energy

  • skin calmed, balanced

  • cell regeneration is stimulated

Jono - Jet Whitening

garden cressates are rich in phyto-nutrients capable of neutralizing reactive oxidizing substances.
Cressalate extract is encapsulated in liposomes that allow it to be absorbed into the skin to act against melanocytes

Recommended for:

  • for skin with pigment scars (also called acne)

  • age spots

  • pigment spots

  • increased redness

  • freckles

  • couperose


  • neutralizes reactive oxygen species

  • inhibits the hormone that stimulates skin pigmentation

  • effectively limits the formation of melanin, uneven pigmentation

  • gives a fantastic whitening benefit

  • reduces the negative effects of everyday stress

  • balances skin tone

  • strengthens the skin's natural defense mechanism

  • second generation antioxidant

Jono - Jet Lifting

Collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid are essential for the appearance of firm and youthful skin.

Over the years, the synthesis of these important substances in the skin decreases.

Brown microalgae

  • collagen-preserving, stimulating effect

  • high concentration of hyaluronic acid

  • rich in iodine, trace elements, minerals

The effect

  • intensively moisturized skin

  • fine lines and wrinkles smooth out

  • skin roughness decreases

  • limits the glycation of connective tissue

  • activates the protein SIRT 1, which is responsible for long-term skin vitality

  • skin volume increases

  • skin firmness improves

Jono - Jet Peeling intense

Concentrate with 5% mandelic acid (obtained from bitter almonds)


  • intracellular components are degraded 

  • collagen synthesis is stimulated

  • skin tone is balanced

  • antibiotic anti-inflammatory effect

  • eliminates the environment in the skin where bacterial colonies form

Cereal azelic acid
Obtained naturally from yeast

  • At - after inflammation for erythema, small red spots

  • For - post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

  • for protection against acne

  • in the treatment of acne, pigment spots

Has a keratolytic and comedolytic effect

Jono - Jet Moisturizing intense

Special moisturizing concentrate for skin revitalization. 
Volumizing concentrate. 


  • especially for dry, sensitive skin prone to irritation

  • in atopic dermatitis


Main ingredients

  • Natto gum extract

  • PGA (polyglutamic acid) is a natural peptide of D and L glutamic acid

The composition, applications and production method are protected by several patents and patent applications. 


  • PAG provides deep hydration and helps regulate healthy moisture levels

  • PAG provides more moisture to the skin than hyaluronic acid (HA)

  • PAG prevents the formation of fine wrinkles

  • PGA increases elasticity

  • PGA makes the skin soft and silky

  • HA and PGA combinations provide moisture to the deeper layers of the skin

  • has a volumizing, soothing effect that makes the skin glow

  • a new, natural amino acid complex

  • improves, soothes skin suffering from atopic dermatitis

  • "Porcelain" look to the skin

  • 4 - proper moisturizing effect: immediate, long-lasting, deep and visible

Jono - Jet  Lifting intense  

Microalgae concentrate with a special lifting effect makes demanding skin look young again. 

Selected combination of active ingredients  to treat severe wrinkles

We get

  • skin is firmer, more alive, regains elasticity 

  • the ability to retain moisture for a long time

  • the dermis is significantly strengthened

  • wrinkles will disappear

The symbiosis of concentrated oxygen ions and high-quality active substances acts as an effect enhancer for all skin layers. 

The procedure is continued with a mask suitable for High Care skin. The palms of the hands are massaged at the same time.

The procedure is finished with High Care cream suitable for the skin.

The high-quality Jono-Jet 2.0 technology has an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificate. 
Jono - Jet 2.0 (only in Riga).

The high quality JONO-JET 2.0 technology has an ISO quality certificate and the device is made in Germany.


JONO-JET 2.0 (only in Riga) RIGA WEALTH WEYERGANS health and beauty center Antonijas iela 10

The price:

150.00 - 200.00 EUR (depending on the amount of drugs to be administered)


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