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Detox programs

Body Detox - oxygen plasma enriched with ions

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Detox + Anti-aging

For a good figure and shape

1. Step

Body peeling with natural proteins:

  • gently cleans exfoliated, hard skin plates;

  • soybean oil softens;

  • chamomile extract, natural proteins will restore the skin's protective layer, inhibit the formation of rough skin

  • Vitamin C; 

  • acts as an antioxidant;

  • slows down the photoaging process of the skin;

  • helps it regenerate after ultraviolet radiation; 

  • evens out skin color, smooths out fine wrinkles; 

  • gives the skin a healthy freshness;

  • reduces inflammatory processes.

2. Step

  • The client must be undressed, lying down, in a special, antistatic bag made of recyclable material.

  • it is filled with plasma through a connecting tube, as a result of an automated process.

  • active oxygen ion-containing plasma penetrates 80% through the skin


  • with obesity;

  • in the treatment of cellulite, venous insufficiency;

  • weak connective tissue;

  • for the prevention of arthritis, osteoporosis, immunodeficiency.


  • tissues are bichemically cleansed of toxins;

  • the balance of acids and alkalis is restored;

  • collagen synthesis is stimulated;

  • smoother, firmer skin in the abdomen, legs, buttock areas;

  • cellulite decreases;

  • the venous network decreases.

The price:

50.00 EUR

60 minutes 

DERMIO Care + Detox Body Styler + Light therapy

Detox programma.png

Five million negative ions per 1 cm3 of air


Combined procedure.

Everything around consists of atoms. Atoms can be either charged or have no electrical charge (neutral).

Charged atoms are called ions. Depending on the resulting charge, ions can be positive or negative. 

Despite their name, positively charged ions are harmful to our health. They have a devastating effect on the body. 

On the other hand, negative ions have a strong, stimulating effect on the body.

Two main ways in which negatively charged oxygen ions enter the body:

The first - through the skin
The second - through the lung tissue to the bloodstream during the breathing process.


  • toxins are removed from the body;

  • body tissues and cells are enriched with active oxygen;

  • the nervous system will calm down;

  • sleep quality improves, work ability;

  • metabolism is activated;

  • concentration abilities improve;

  • skin appearance improves.

The procedure has NO contraindications!

The price:

50.00 EUR

60 minutes (recommended course 10 times)


Discount on birthday and name day!

In the week of your birthday anniversary, as well as on the day of your name day, we give you a 15% discount for any chosen procedure.

Enjoy this moment and get satisfaction!

Please apply for procedures at least two days in advance!

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