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Riga Wealth Weyergans

Health and beauty center

Health and beauty are gifts you have to give to yourself.
That is easy done with the innovative Weyergans methods. 

Rudolf Weyergan

About Weyergans High Care Center

Wellness and beauty center  "Riga Wealth Weyergans" offers consultations, procedures for face and body, using "HC" curative cosmetics and German new beauty care and estetical medicine technologies.

We offer procedures for the face: manual facial cleansing, dermabrasion - gentle polishing of the skin with crystals produced in the laboratory, used to improve skin tone, smooth out scar tissue, fine wrinkles, clean and reduce pores.


Rejuvenating procedures – introduction of biologically active substances without injection with a combination of ultrasound, negative ions and electroporation. The procedure ensures immediate penetration of preparations into the cell, activating the formation of collagen fibers. Energizing, cell regeneration-promoting oxygen negative ion therapy for the face. 

TOP procedure for the face, neck and décolleté area: for lifting, smoothing wrinkles, strengthening the oval of the face, preventing a double chin, using a combination of vacuum massage, negative ions and electroporation.

Acne treatment, whitening of pigment spots, different types of peelings, face masks, lip treatments.

We offer Weyergans; patented methods of differentiated cellulite therapy, which our specialists have successfully mastered while studying both in Latvia and in Germany.

A wide range of apparatus procedures for the prevention and health of blood vessels.

We develop individual programs for figure correction, evaluating the clients needs and wishes. 

We offer procedures that will promote the improvement of lymph flow, activation of metabolism, strengthening of connective tissue, training of blood vessel walls, treatment of stretch marks and cellulite, elimination of fat cells.

What makes us different?

Since 2009, our center has been successfully operating at 10 Antonijas Street, offering its services to clients and gaining an ever-increasing circle of regular clients who appreciate our care, special attitude, quality of work and efficiency of procedures. 

Our motto is: "In our younger days, beauty is just a whim of nature, but as we grow older, it is a work on ourselves."

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Current offers and events of Riga Welth Weyergans beauty and health center

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