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Body Care cosmetic

Dry, sensitive skin and elasticity lost connective tissue - these are signs that the body urgently needs intensive care based on the specific needs of your skin type.

High Care offers significant products for fundamental body care, as well as special products for the fight against cellulite, stretch marks and enlarged veins.

High Care Styler Creme

Styler Creme

A gentle, caring care for your body.

Lymph circulation is required to reduce and / or prevent the formation of cellulite. 

The rich "Styler Creme" is specially created for this purpose.This special cream, which is also recommended for massage, contains not only toning and moisturizing ingredients and vitamin E for skin protection, but also a special extract that activates lymph circulation.

Active ingredients: arnica, ivy, calendula, sebaceous root, azulene, tocopherol (Vit. E).

Pleasant light odor for everyday use even after sunbathing. SOS mask for dermatitis.

Package 250 ml Ref. Nr. 010

Price: 58.95 EUR

High Care Alpha Mousse

Alpha Mousse

Toning foam.

Unusual herbal ingredients such as Gentoo Colette (Centelula asiatica) act on the deepest skin layers. Caffeine, guarana seeds and carnitine improve blood circulation.

Package 180 ml Ref. Nr. 017

Price: 114.93 EUR

High Care AE Stick

AE Stick

Targeted exposure to fat cells.

Fat, on the one hand, accumulates on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, hips and upper arms. With AE Stick, you have the opportunity to act purposefully on these areas. Thyme extract, yew, arnica, marigold and walnut promotes local fat burning and increases the oxygen uptake of tissues.

Applicable Roller 50 ml Ref. Nr. 060

Price: 44.55 EUR

High Care Formula Stick

Simply Red

An innovative shaping and volume-reducing liposome complex, in which extracts and microalgae are encapsulated in combination with progressive warming components. Nicotine and caffeine make the contour of the body slimmer and the connective tissue firmer.

Use once a day for 4 weeks and for problem areas.

Package 100 ml Ref. Nr. 409

Price: 64.11 EUR

High Care Styler Formula Ampoules

Styler Formula Ampoules

With bioactive extracts.

Take care of your body in particular - regularly using Styler Formula ampoules.

It contains highly active ingredients such as proteins, bioactive extracts, a particularly rejuvenating complex. They stimulate collagen synthesis and strengthen the connective tissues.

Ampulas 5 ml Ref. Nr. 052

Price: 65.22 EUR

High Care Body Peeling

Body Peeling

With natural proteins.

Use Body Peeling regularly to shave off dead skin cells and prevent dry, rough skin.

Gentle cleansing rattleshields of hard skin. Body Peeling also provides nutrition for the skin, thanks to soy oil, softened by the extract of chamomile and natural proteins, which also restores the skin's protective protein layer and prevents rough skin formation.

Package 200 ml Ref. Nr. 030

Price: 42.73 EUR

High Care Cinnamon Cream

Cinnamon Cream

Product for combined compression therapy.

Cinnamon Cream is intended for the general improvement of the skin condition in the event of cellulite. The ingredients of the extract, cinnamon, ginger and peanut oil, as well as vitamin E, are well known for their cleansing properties. 

After treatment with cinnamon cream, the skin becomes smoother.

Package 250 ml Ref Nr 119


Price: 60.65 EUR

High Care Relax Balm

Relax Balm

Revitalizing sneezing feet and legs.

Relax Balm - a wonderful refreshment. A cool lotion reduces swelling and relieves the legs and feet.

Essential oils with arnyk, camphor, rosemary, menthol and peppermint lutina your body with long lasting freshness. Perfect for hot summer and after exercise.

Applicable roller 200 ml Ref. Nr. 042

Price: 49.13 EUR

High Care Composed Massage Oil

Composed Massage Oil

Effective and deep effect.

This selective oil is meant for body and face massages. The oil composition provides special nutrition and does not leave oily residues on the skin.

The deep effect of the exclusive SPA Line Composed Massage Oil allows you to adjust the skin's moisture level and stabilize the moisture in the lipid layer.

Package 200 ml Ref. Nr. 013

Price: 42.11 EUR

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