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Facial Care

Facial rejuvenation, hydration + two hardware methods

The combined procedure.

Step 1

Cleansing enzyme mask

Grain germ extract stabilizes the pH level of the skin, cleans clogged skin pores.

Step 2

Sono care - ultrasound therapy

Active ingredients are delivered to deeper layers of the skin. Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, lifting effect depends on the product used.

Step 3 

Dermio Top Head - oxygen ion therapy + light therapy

Effect - facial skin rejuvenation, smoothing of skin tone, reduction of blue circles under the eyes, anti-inflammatory effect. Anti-aging effect.


50.00 EUR

60 minutes

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Dermabrassion - medical cosmetological peeling

Facial care, Riga Wealth Weyergans

Microdermabrasion recommends the following cases:

  • over-thicken the skin (hyperkeratosis);

  • hyperpigmentation;

  • scars;

  • acne (acne scars after, teenage acne, acne classical);

  • stained skin;

  • age-related changes in the skin.

Already after the first time customers will be able to add deep effects:

  • skin becomes much smoother and softer;

  • improves skin color, reduce the depth of wrinkles;

  • scars become smoother and less visible;

  • improvement in skin collagen and elastin synthesis;

  • improves skin tone.

Dermabrasion contraindications:

  • a very thin skin;

  • acute inflammation of the skin;

  • skin infections;

  • inflamed pustular acne with elements;

  • open wound;

  • skin tumors.

43.00 EUR

1 hour

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Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing, Riga Wealth Weyergans

Basic procedure

1. The skin is cleansed with an especially gentle Cleansing Milk. It contains mild hydroactive substances, plant oils and collagen. The gentle cleanser has no aggressive ingredients.

2. A protein pealing gently removes skin fat. The pealing contains arnica extract and alantoin, which prevent any skin irritation, and soya oil, which helps to massage the product into the skin.

Revival Enzyme Mask is a broad - spectrum skin care product, which:

  • renews and cleanses the skin;

  • softens and protects irritated skin;

  • makes tired skin clean and radiant;

  • cleans clogged pores;

  • refreshes aging and tired skin.

To prepare the skin for mechanical facial cleansing, hot compresses are placed on the face.

The treatment is completed with an appropriate face cream.

26.00 EUR

60 minuts

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"Comodex" line for problematic and oily skin

"Comodex" line for problematic and oily skin

Comodex is a comprehensive treatment that prevents and repairs acne, acne damage, oily and combination skin. Through a powerful combination of highly effective active ingredients, Comodex treats acne conditions at the source with a holistic approach. From the best of science and nature, Comodex salon and home treatments cleanse, calm, and rejuvenate skin for stunning results.

A Holistic Approach to Healthier Looking Skin.

Acne and acne damage are caused by various internal and external factors that initiate a harmful cycle of blockage, contaminations and inflammation that unbalances and ultimately damages skin. Comodex treatments heal the primary causes of acne by exfoliating the outer skin layer, destroying infection, and regulating sebum production. Comodex’s innovative ingredients and techniques go beyond typical treatments to bring skin to its healthiest state.

The Comodex treatment immediately removes excess sebum, softens pore congestion, and reduces redness and irritation for clearer, healthier looking skin.

  • Comedones and other pimp elements get eliminated;

  • expanded pores becomes narrow;

  • absorbes infiltration and stained spots;

  • smooth skin color and texture;

  • reduces fat development;

  • skin becomes more dry and purified from dead cells.

The procedure also includes manual face cleansing.

35.00 EUR

1 hour 30 minuts

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"BioPhyto" line for sensitive, irritated skin

Facial care, Riga Wealth Weyergans


BioPhyto takes active ingredients to an entirely new level of efficiency, while maximizing the properties of traditional ones. The high concentration actives are derma-protective, purifying, and contribute to a balanced, radiant complexion, free of any stress or discomfort.

The series provides customized solutions to an array of adverse skin manifestations like hyperkeratinization, excess sebum, flakiness, irritation, dullness or uneven tone.

The results:

  • skin cleansing, removal of the sebum, comedon softening;

  • pores restrictive effect;

  • microcirculation enhancement;

  • removing hyperemia and reducing signs of inflammation;

  • improvement of skin color and texture;

  • deep moisturizing and skin softening.

Benefit after the course:

  • normalization of sebaceous glands, narrowing of pores;

  • preventing comedones and inflammation, absorbing of dark spots;

  • improving of tissue regeneration, preventing skin aging;

  • strengthening walls of blood vessels, normalization of microcirculation;

  • strengthening of skin protection;

  • skin color and texture equalization.

We recommend this procedure in the following cases:

  • equalization;

  • Increased excretion of skin fat;

  • problem skin, inflammatory symptoms;

  • intoxication;

  • uneven skin tone;

  • couperose;

  • prevention of aging.

35.00 EUR

1 hour 15 minutes

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"Lift & Peel AHA" piling 55 %

"Lift & Peel AHA" piling 55 %, Riga Wealth Weyergans

Lift & Peel – facial peeling with fruit acid:

  • removes upper layer of the skin;

  • activates rejuvenation of the epithelium;

  • smoothes and smoothes out the scar tissue;

  • removes small wrinkles;

  • improves skin's ability to bind moisture.

After the treatment the skin may develop slight redness. Treatment may be continued to improve results. The skin will become firm and soft. The treatment is completed with a nourishing cream.

Balance – vitamin A leaves a positive impact on cell regeneration process, jobjoba oil and beeswax heal acne, scars, sunburns, renews skin, thyme extract and wheat germ oil increase protective ability of the skin, stabilize the skin's immune system.

After the procedure may observe mild redness. In order to improve the results of treatment can be continued. As a result, the skin becomes firm and gentle.

Clients should avoid direct sunlight after the treatment.

The treatment is suggested in autumn or early spring.

30.00 EUR

40 minuts

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Vacuum massage for face

Vakuummasāža sejai, Riga Wealth Weyergans

When you should make vacuum massage:

  • problems with metabolic processes in the skin;

  • increased sebaceous gland activity;

  • dry, weak, tired, wrinkled skin;

  • lymphatic drainage in the facial skin (edema);

  • double star;

  • decreased muscle tone;

  • tendency to circulatory disturbances;

  • scar tissue;

  • acne;

  • stress, chronic overload.

The treatment includes: facial cleansing, toning, peeling, enzyme cleansing mask, vacuum massage and individually matched cream.

Weyergans cosmetics does not contain parabens!

If you want to buy subscription for 6 or 10 times, enjoying a mask or administering biologically active substances with Meso Care or USK, you will receive a 10% discount for these treatments.

45.00 EUR

1 hour 30 minutes

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Meso Care – Non-Invasive Mesotherapy for face

"Meso Care" for eye area

Electroporation method increases the cell membrane permeability and ensures, without injection, that the biologically active substances reach the cellular level.

The heat effect ensures smooth penetration of preparations in all skin layers.

Effect - smoothing fine wrinkles, reducing edema, improving tone of the skin.

Advantages of this method: no pain, no infection risk, no edema and no bruises, no injections.

25.00 EUR

20 mins

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"Meso Care" for face and neck

Sejas procedūras, Riga Wealth Weyergans

Mesotherapy is needed to fully supply the skin with vitamins and minerals, but many refuse to receive mesotherapy because they are afraid of injections.

Now this problem can be solved by the licensed German hardware Meso Care and certified Meso cocktails and methodologies.

The electroporation method increases cell membrane permeability and ensures that biologically active substances penetrate as if they were injected.

The heat effect ensures smooth penetration of preparations in all skin layers.

The choosen substances are mixed in a cocktail and injected with nozzles of different sizes, the replacement of which allows both work in the eye area and body procedure:

  • Hyaluronic Acid - Provides skin moisture, maintains, soothes dry thirst. Fill, smooth out tiny wrinkles and wrinkles. Improves overall skin condition;

  • collagen - restores collagen fibers, makes skin elastic and revitalizes;

  • L-carnitine - improves the metabolism of nutrients in cells, improves the ability of the skin to absorb products, restores skin color and improves blood circulation;

  • amino acids - stimulates collagen production, regulates the balance of acids and bases, promotes protein synthesis in cells.

The lifting program will help to repair and fix collagen fibers.

The result after the first complex procedure is obvious.

Advantages of this method: no pain, no infection risk, no edema and no bruises, no injections.

In addition to the procedure, the price of 22.00 EUR is the opportunity to add botanical apple stem cells that moisturizes the skin, restores, protects, strengthens and promotes cell regeneration, prevents skin aging, fills wrinkles.

If you buy a subscription for 6 or 10 times, enjoying a mask will get a 10% discount.

70.00 EUR

1 h 30 mins

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Mezo De Lux SPA - special care for face and body

A combined procedure consisting of four apparat procedures. Special care for face, neck, décolleté, lips and eye area. Power Charge for the whole body.

1. Ion therapy for face and body

Combined procedure.

Detox Body Styler - Negative ions for a positive effect and special body care.

Dermio Top Head negative ion oxygen therapy for the face + light phototherapy.

2. Meso Care - electroporation method increases the cell membrane permeability and ensures, without injection, that the biologically active substances reach the cellular level.

Choosen substances are mixed in a cocktail and administered.

Collagen – restores collagen fibers, makes skin elastic and revitalizes.

L-karnitin – improves the metabolism of nutrients in cells, absorbs skin's ability to absorb products, restores skin color and improves blood circulation.

Aminoacids – stimulates the formation of collagen, regulates acid and base balance, promotes protein synthesis in cells.

3. Lifting program restores and strengthens collagen fibers.

4. Beautiful Lips without injections

We offer innovative solutions, how to get beautiful lips with Weyergans company's the latest invention - Beautiful Lips. You will get beautiful lips immediately, no injections, no pain, no risk. During 5 minuts only!

The result after the first complex procedure is visible and felt:

  • detox for all body;

  • improves face skin;

  • improves skin tonus;

  • smoothes fine wrinkles;

  • edema of both face and body is reduced;

  • improves immunity.

138.00 EUR

2 hours 30 minutes

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Beautiful Lips without injections

Beautiful Lips without injections, Riga Wealth Weyergans

Today's more and more people, taking care of immediately visible, and sustainable results.

That is why we offer innovative solutions, how to get beautiful lips with Weyergans company's the latest invention - Beautiful Lips. You will get beautiful lips immediately, no injections, no pain, no risk. During 5 minuts only! 

Meso Care hyaluronic acid is applied to the lips, after that, the lips illuminate with high intensity UV rays, which provides cleavage of the polymer structure of the hyaluronic acid.

As it passes through the thin skin of the lips, hyaluronic acid gains its original structure, deeply moisturizes and fills the lips.

Already after the first procedure will see and feel that lip lines become much more challenging and are easier to apply lipstick and lip pencil.

After couple of hours, you will feel that your lips are many times stronger, more refined than after the injection. The result lasts up to two days.

This is a new procedure with a miraculous effect, which is a final accent for each facial procedure.

After 6 -10 procedure the course will be the result of persistent for weeks.

Receive 50% discount to the procedure " Beautiful Lips without injection" combined with any other facial procedure.

22.00 EUR

5 mins

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Dermio Top Head – Oxygen Negative Ion Therapy for the Face

Dermio Top Head – oxygen negative ion therapy for the face

For the good look and positive body image!

The patented Dermio Care facial treatment relies on highly concentrated negative ions with which surrounding oxygen is enriched. Under the protecting helmet, those ions encounter facial skin. Visible and sensible, each client profits from this  relaxing and special treatment. Moveover, it offers protection from harmful environmental influences. 

Dermio Top Head is an indispensable part of valuable anti-aging treatments (e.g. mask break). An application takes about 30 minutes. We recommend 10 treatments in the course of one skin regeneration cycle. 

Transformation of 5 millions of negative ions in concentrated way on 1 cm2 of air. Entering of negative ions through skin, lungs and blood circulation during breath process provides energy to cells, promotes fast division and regeneration of cells. 

Sharp increase of collagenization, better face color, dark circles under eyes disappear, smooth wrinkles are aligned.

Oxygen therapy - Dermio Top Head Mask. A skin suitable finishing cream.

Highly recommended to prevent risk of heart attack, stroke. As well and helps to fight cancer. 

Indications (when is advisable):

  • Psycho-vegetative fatigue condition;

  • Disability to concentrate;

  • Headache;

  • Lungs spasms;

  • Lung disease, such as bronchial asthma;

  • Chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema;

  • Hair loss;

  • Recovery period;

  • Treatment of venous insufficiency, prevention;

  • Arthritis, treatment for osteoporosis;

  • Diabetes;

  • Atherosclerosis prevention.

The procedure has no contraindications!


  • Blood pressure normalizes;

  • Cholesterol level decrease;

  • The digestive function improves;

  • Immune function improves;

  • Increases resistance to infections;

  • Allergic reactions reduces;

  • Has antioxidant properties;

  • Digestion activates;

  • Removal of toxins from the body;

  • Enriching the body's tissues and cells with active oxygen;

  • Hair growth gets stimulation;

  • Neutralizes pH in tissues;

  • It strengthens the connective tissue (skin becomes toned up);

  • The appearance, texture and elasticity of the skin are improved;

  • Cellulite treatment is underway;

  • Nerv system relax;

  • Normalizes the menstrual cycle;

  • Sleep quality improves;

  • Improves work ability;

  • Premature aging preventing;

  • Longer life expectancy;

  • Positive influence on lactation;

  • Bacteriological effect.

Saving your valuable time, we recommend you to have at the same time  "Body Wrapping" procedure, "Slide Styler" – mechanical lymph drainage, "Vacustyler". 

26.00 EUR

30 minutes

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"Dermio Top Head" oxygen negative ion therapy for face + light photo therapy

Red color:

  • wound healing;

  • activation of collagen synthesis;

  • skin rejuvenation (anti-age);

  • scar reduction and prevention of scar formation;

  • increasing blood circulation and circulation;

  • stimulates adenosine triphosphate in cells and accelerates cell reproduction.

Green color:

  • detoxification;

  • antibacterial effect;

  • reduces stress;

  • strengthens the immune system;

  • strengthens muscles and bones;

  • acts as an aphrodisiac and sexual tonic.

Blue color:

  • antiseptic and antibacterial effects;

  • anti-inflammatory effect;

  • astringent effect, promotes secretory absorption;

  • calms nerves;

  • strengthens the immune system;

  • often used in spa for 'energy recovery';

  • used in acne cases.

30.00 EUR

30 minutes

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Ultrasound for Face

Ultrasound for face, Riga Wealth Weyergans

Ultrasound is a modern physiotherapy method, which is widely used in facial beauty. Ultrasound influence of tissue and cell micro-massage that improves blood and lymph microcirculation, improves trophic tissue and metabolism, as well as lifting effect.

With the help of ulraskaņas being treated:

  • acne;

  • messy facial skin (comedones);

  • dry skin (sheds);

  • suffered from the stress of the skin;

  • care after damaged skin;

  • old scars (keloids);

  • new scars;

  • facial edema (swelling of the eye);

  • prematurely aged skin;

  • couperose skin;

  • seborrhea;

  • sebosthase;

  • uneven, spotted skin.

15.00 EUR

7 minutes

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Discount for birthday and name day!

On your birthday anniversary, as well as on the name day
we offer you a 15% discount on any procedure.

Enjoy this moment and get satisfaction!

We kindly ask you to sign up for procedures at least 2 days before!

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