Breast Applicators

Breast Applicators

Breast lift, construction and strengthening without any surgery?

SPM Breast - this is possible right now and quite in a pleasant way!

The breast tissue strengthening procedure is a quite simple, it takes 30 minutes. There can be a pleasant relaxation while enjoying the procedure. 

Futuristically looking breast cups are put gently on your breasts and connected to the digital control equipment, which will regulate the pressure level in the breast cups. Positive and negative pressure is ensured alternately in the cups, it leads to the stimulated blood supply to the tissues and lymph flow, and strengthened connective tissue, as well as improved metabolism (enzymes promote collagen and elastin synthesis). 

These components grant greater flexibility, firmness and strength tot he breast tissues. 

Soon your breast skin is strong, well-contoured.

We suggest to make procedure up to 2-3- times a week.

Better result can be achieved, when the procedure is combined with Vacuum massage, Ultrasound and Weyergans High Care cosmetics.

For better result we recommend you to use:

Formula Stick – intensive breast skin strengthening, contains bioactive serum from natural extracts, which can speed up cell growth and division.  Intensive use of Formula Stick, makes the breast and decollete skin tighter and firmer.

Styler formula ampules – breast skin toning and forming. Contains the active substance - fibrostimuline (bioactive serum containing fetal and placental extracts). 

FC-L GEL – high-tech liposome preparation, which improves skin tone. It is used to tighten, strengthen and smooth the skin. 

Colamine – high-quality supplement to modern diet. It contains amino acids for the skin strengthening and healthy bones. 

Price with discount 18.00 EUR (1 procedure)
Price with discount 85.00 EUR (5 procedures)
Price with discount 150.00 EUR (10 procedures)

30 minutes

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Elekctropulse Therapy: Lipolysis, Polyshape, Isotone

Elekctropulse Therapy: Lipolysis, Polyshape, Isotone

Electrolycolysis is one of the most recognized therapies used in the treatment of local subcutaneous fat and cellulite.

Lipolysis (gentle correction of the body) in medicine and cosmetology is known as the destruction and destruction of depot fatty tissue.

Each healthy cell has normal electrical potential, and since there are different concentrations of ions, which are mostly concentrated inside and outside the cell, electricity is able to carry ion exchange between the inside of the cell and the interstitial space.

Thanks to the cells electrical potential change, the cell membrane becomes permeable for a short time. Therefore, the cell metabolism improves and the enzyme - lipase - metabolis activity increases, which enhances the cell lipometabolism.

A the same time, the circulation will reinforce in this area, which makes it much more quickly to dispose the metabolic and products. 

The most suitable treatment areas for Lipolysis are the buttocks, hips, the outside of the thigh and the inside, the "tip", the inside of the knee, the inside of the upper arm. Men usually treat what is known as a "spare tire".

Lipolysis effect:

  • stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic outflow, which effects on the capillares, stimulating the nerves and blood vessel walls;

  • increases the permeability of adipocyte (fat cells) membrane and reduces its size;

  • hydrolyses (drains) the skin, especially in cellulite cases, where there is a tendency to accumulate in-tissue fluid;

  • tones (strengthens) tissues, which causes the rhythmic myofibril (muscular tissue) contraction.

The Isotone programme results in the long-term strengthening of your breasts, abdomen or buttock area.

The Polyshape programme includes the application of various currents, which gives the regeneration and firmness of the connective tissues. The various types of current provide for the high-quality ion exchange in the skin, fat, muscles, supplying them with adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients. Such conditions are ideal for tissue regeneration. 

Price with discount 18.00 EUR (standard price 26.00 EUR)

30 minutes

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Brasilian Butt

Brasilian Butt

The procedure is in fact a dual double-acting procedure!

1. step. 
Vacuum massage improves lymphatic reflux, metabolism of the fat, strengthens connective tissue, increases skin elasticity and firmness. The procedure works by stimulating the deeper layers of the tissue, resulting in the activation of elastin and collagen formation.

Apply AE-Stick to promote fat metabolism.

2. step.
The effect of the variable pressure applicators improves tissue depletion, better lymphatic flow. It promotes metabolism, as well as strengthens connective tissues, improving the quality of the skin.

Benefits - Significant skin strengthening, buttock lifting and shaping.

The results are visible and perceptible immediately and represent a significant change in the figure.

Enjoying these wonderful procedures, you will get a beautiful brazilian butt!

We recommend procedures twice a week, 8-15 procedures.

Price with discount 25.00 EUR (1 procedure)
Price with discount 120.00 EUR (5 procedures)
Price with discount 220 EUR (10 procedures)

60 minutes

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Mezo De Lux SPA - special care for face and body

A combined procedure consisting of four apparat procedures. Special care for face, neck, décolleté, lips and eye area. Power Charge for the whole body.

1. Ion therapy for face and body

Combined procedure.

Detox Body Styler - Negative ions for a positive effect and special body care.

Dermio Top Head negative ion oxygen therapy for the face + light phototherapy.

2. Meso Care - electroporation method increases the cell membrane permeability and ensures, without injection, that the biologically active substances reach the cellular level.

Choosen substances are mixed in a cocktail and administered.

Collagen – restores collagen fibers, makes skin elastic and revitalizes.

L-karnitin – improves the metabolism of nutrients in cells, absorbs skin's ability to absorb products, restores skin color and improves blood circulation.

Aminoacids – stimulates the formation of collagen, regulates acid and base balance, promotes protein synthesis in cells.

3. Lifting program restores and strengthens collagen fibers.

4. Beautiful Lips without injections

We offer innovative solutions, how to get beautiful lips with Weyergans company's the latest invention - Beautiful Lips. You will get beautiful lips immediately, no injections, no pain, no risk. During 5 minuts only!

The result after the first complex procedure is visible and felt:

  • detox for all body;

  • improves face skin;

  • improves skin tonus;

  • smoothes fine wrinkles;

  • edema of both face and body is reduced;

  • improves immunity.

Price with discount 95.00 EUR (standart price 138.00 EUR)

2 hours 30 minutes

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Facial rejuvenation, hydration + two hardware methods

The combined procedure.

Step 1

Cleansing enzyme mask

Grain germ extract stabilizes the pH level of the skin, cleans clogged skin pores.

Step 2

Sono care - ultrasound therapy

Active ingredients are delivered to deeper layers of the skin. Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, lifting effect depends on the product used.

Step 3 

Dermio Top Head - oxygen ion therapy + light therapy

Effect - facial skin rejuvenation, smoothing of skin tone, reduction of blue circles under the eyes, anti-inflammatory effect. Anti-aging effect.


Price with discount 30.00 EUR (standard price 50.00 EUR)

60 minutes

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Face and neckline renewal for the summer season

A combined procedure of three hardware procedures for the face, neck and décolleté.

Improving the outflow of lymph, strengthening the oval of the face.

The introduction of biologically active preparation. Information about preparations here

Beautiful lips without injections, without pain immediatelly.

4. Crystal Collagen Mask


  • activation of collagen and elastin synthesis;

  • microcirculation improvement;

  • lymph flow improvement;

  • smoothing fine wrinkles;

  • skin strengthening;

  • improved face contour.

Price with discount 55.00 EUR (standard price 76.00 EUR)

2 hours

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Combination procedure for face and body

A combined procedure consisting of three hardware procedures. Special care for the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, lips and eyes.

Beautiful lips without injections, without pain immediatelly.

To strengthen the connective tissue of the mammary gland.

Cream Styler is used to improve lymphatic drainage. 

Price with discount 35.00 EUR (standard price 46.00 EUR)

45 minutes

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