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Combination of two techniques in differentiated cellulite therapy

1. Dermio Top Head – axygen negative ion 
therapy for face

For a good look and positive image of a body!

Transformation of 5 millions of negative ions in concentrated way on 1 cm2 of air. Entering of negative ions through skin, lungs and blood circulation during breath process provides energy to cells, promotes fast division and regeneration of cells. 

Sharp increase of collagenization, better face color, dark circles under eyes  disappear, smooth wrinkles are aligned.

This method is used also for curing acne. 

Recommended for preventing of cardiac blood vessels, preventing of risk of heart attack or stroke and also in fight against cancer.

2. Body wrapping with cinnamon mask 

  • active detox of body;

  • improved microcirculation and flooding of lympha;

  • reducing of shapes for 1-2 cm;

  • smoothes relief of the skin;

  • connective tissues get strengthened;

  • aromatherapy for skin.

And all this during less then one hour!

33.00 EUR (usual price 52.00 EUR)

50 minutes

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"Dermio Top Head" – oxygen negative ion therapy for face

"Dermio Top Head" – therapy of negative ions of oxigen for face

For the good look and positive body image!

The patented Dermio Care facial treatment relies on highly concentrated negative ions with which surrounding oxygen is enriched. Under the protecting helmet, those ions encounter facial skin. Visible and sensible, each client profits from this  relaxing and special treatment. Moveover, it offers protection from harmful environmental influences. 

Dermio Top Head is an indispensable part of valuable anti-aging treatments (e.g. mask break). An application takes about 30 minutes. We recommend 10 treatments in the course of one skin regeneration cycle. 

Transformation of 5 millions of negative ions in concentrated way on 1 cm2 of air. Entering of negative ions through skin, lungs and blood circulation during breath process provides energy to cells, promotes fast division and regeneration of cells. 

Sharp increase of collagenization, better face color, dark circles under eyes disappear, smooth wrinkles are aligned.

Oxygen therapy - Dermio Top Head Mask. A skin suitable finishing cream.

Highly recommended to prevent risk of heart attack, stroke. As well and helps to fight cancer. 

Indications (when is advisable):

  • Psycho-vegetative fatigue condition;

  • Disability to concentrate;

  • Headache;

  • Lungs spasms;

  • Lung disease, such as bronchial asthma;

  • Chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema;

  • Hair loss;

  • Recovery period;

  • Treatment of venous insufficiency, prevention;

  • Arthritis, treatment for osteoporosis;

  • Diabetes;

  • Atherosclerosis prevention.

The procedure has no contraindications!


  • Blood pressure normalizes;

  • Cholesterol level decrease;

  • The digestive function improves;

  • Immune function improves;

  • Increases resistance to infections;

  • Allergic reactions reduces;

  • Has antioxidant properties;

  • Digestion activates;

  • Removal of toxins from the body;

  • Enriching the body's tissues and cells with active oxygen;

  • Hair growth gets stimulation;

  • Neutralizes pH in tissues;

  • It strengthens the connective tissue (skin becomes toned up);

  • The appearance, texture and elasticity of the skin are improved;

  • Cellulite treatment is underway;

  • Nerv system relax;

  • Normalizes the menstrual cycle;

  • Sleep quality improves;

  • Improves work ability;

  • Premature aging preventing;

  • Longer life expectancy;

  • Positive influence on lactation;

  • Bacteriological effect.

Saving your valuable time, we recommend you to have at the same time  "Body Wrapping" procedure, "Slide Styler" – mechanical lymph drainage, "Vacustyler". 

18.00 EUR (usual price 26.00 EUR)

30 minutes

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Vakuum massage (legs, thighs, buttock, abdomen, waist, stomach, upper arm)

Vamuummasāža (kājas, augšstilbi, sēža, viduklis, vēders, augšdelmi)

Vacuum massage (SPM Vacupress)  helps to treat successfully cellulite problems both in small and large body areas. 

Vacuum massage has a beneficial effect on lymph flow, releases the body of waste product and strenghtens the connective tissues. 

It is the target of formation of lymphatic channels to remove waste products from the body so that new nutrients and oxygen reach the cells quickly.

Benefits of formation of lymphatic channels: 

  • releases tissues from contamination (important for cellulite treatment);

  • removes fluid from tissues (such as facial and body swelling cases);

  • treats tissues (accelerates tissue regenerating);

  • relaxes and relieves tension (relaxes your back and neck muscles).

Causes of the accumulation of fluid are a limited amount of movement, repetitive work, excessive workload, inflammation caused by irritation, mechanical obstruction (scars resulting from surgery and injuries), diseases.

The vacuum massage procedure helps to soften any "new", already shrivelled and stiffened scar tissues. 

Vacuum massage may be helpful in belly shaping and stretching of the inner surface of thighs by stimulating the deepest layers of tissues, thereby activating the formation of elastin and collagen.  

The vacuum massage apparatus with a low or high negative pressure provides such treatment process:

  • lymphatic drainage – is used in cellulite treatment for excretion and removal of excess fluid;

  • relaxation – good relaxing for neck and shoulder musculature;

  • forming skin – stretch marks treatment, thighs and upper arms shaping, as well as the buttocks, abdomen and breast shaping;

  • circulation / regeneration – elimination of fat deposits (increase in cell metabolism), cell activation, skin strenghtening, especially in the face and neck;

  • enhancement of phagocytosis – activation of phagocytes; these are the cells that destroy fat deposits, foreign bodies and unwanted tissues, such as the treatment of telangiectasia, rosacea and spider-like veins.

We recommend you to use:

  • Styler Cream– massage cream, which is included in the differential cellulite treatment, improves lymph circulation, protects skin and makes it much softer;

  • Styler Tea – balanced, great tasting potion that is designed to clean and dehydrate cells, which are located between the skin and subcutaneous fat. Nutricare Styles Tea also contributes to the overall vitality and liveliness. The effect of individual components of the tea is well known, it is good for health and stabilise the immune system;

  • use a lot of water in nutrition - average 2,5 litres per day.

Prices and duration of procedure: 

Vacuum massage for body – 60 minutes, 35.00 EUR
Vacuum massage for waist, stomach  – 45 minutes, 23.00 EUR (discount from 28.00)
Vacuum massage for upper arms – 30 minutes, 22.00 EUR

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"Vacustyler" in combination with the oxygen ion therapy

Vacustyler, Riga Wealth Weyergans

"Vacustyler" is the latest of Weyergans inventions, it is also one of the cornerstones of a complete cellulite removal programm.

Thus "Vacustyler" is a lymph drainage method with additional vascular workout. 

It is used:

  • for cellulite treatment;

  • for reduction of oedema, and feeling of heaviness in legs;

  • for expanded and varicose vein treatment;

  • for microcirculation improvement (especially for patients with diabetes);

  • after active sports activities (lactic acid elimination);

  • for erection and potency improvement.

"Iono Care" - an inhalation device with a negatively charged O2 ions,  which is intended for use exclusively in cosmetic procedures to enhance their effectiviness, as well as the body's condition improving. 

Oxygen is your benefactor. Whether in the ionised or active form, it enhances metabolism, provides fat burning, and makes you healthier and more able-bodied. 

The breathing air available in the treatment room is used as a base. In the facility, this air is intensely and carefully refined and energy-enriched. It is in this form that it is recognisable in your cells. 

Therefore, following the procedure you will feel immediate liveliness and improvement of your general condition. 

15.00 EUR (1 time, discount from 22.00)
80.00 EUR (5 times)
120.00 EUR (10 times)

30 minutes

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