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Facial rejuvenation, hydration + two hardware methods

The combined procedure.

Step 1

Cleansing enzyme mask

Grain germ extract stabilizes the pH level of the skin, cleans clogged skin pores.

Step 2

Sono care - ultrasound therapy

Active ingredients are delivered to deeper layers of the skin. Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, lifting effect depends on the product used.

Step 3 

Dermio Top Head - oxygen ion therapy + light therapy

Effect - facial skin rejuvenation, smoothing of skin tone, reduction of blue circles under the eyes, anti-inflammatory effect. Anti-aging effect.

Price with discount 50.00 EUR (standad price 65.00 EUR)

60 minutes

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For the well-being of the body

For the well-being of the body

Benefits - save your precious time while staying in “air boots”, and at the same time, your skin acquiring the amazing effects of a mask of cinnamon algae!

Lymphatic drainage, metabolism triple within an hour, strengthening of connective tissue, training of blood vessels doubles. 

Step 1. Vacuum massage improves lymphatic drainage and speeds up metabolism.

Step 2. Cinnamon algae mask, due to its warming effect, will actively circulate in the tissues and improve metabolism. Algae improves skin firmness.

Step 3. Lymphatic drainage boots with the help of mechanical pressure improve the outflow of lymph and increase metabolism

or* Vacustayler, vacuum therapy, provides outflow of lymph, increases metabolism, strengthens connective tissues, trains blood vessels.

* In the third step, the selection of the device according to individual indications..

Price with discount 45.00 EUR (standard price 55.00 EUR)

90 minutes

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