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Slim legs

Vacuum massage for legs

Vacuum massage combined with electric procedures - Lipolysis or Polyshape.

Vacuum massage activates lymphatic drainage, actively removes metabolic end products from cells (improves metabolism), and strengthens connective tissues.

Lipolysis procedure doubles the metabolism and improves skin tone, elasticity.

The polyshape procedure includes the use of various currents that provide regeneration and elasticity of connective tissues. Different types of current exchange high-value ions in the skin, in adipose tissue and muscles, providing them with enough oxygen and nutrients.

Such conditions are ideal for tissue regeneration.

38.00 EUR (standart price 54.00 EUR)

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Brasilian Butt

Brazilian Butt., Weyergans

The procedure is in fact a dual double-acting procedure!

1. step. 
Vacuum massage improves lymphatic reflux, metabolism of the fat, strengthens connective tissue, increases skin elasticity and firmness. The procedure works by stimulating the deeper layers of the tissue, resulting in the activation of elastin and collagen formation.

Apply AE-Stick to promote fat metabolism.

2. step.
The effect of the variable pressure applicators improves tissue depletion, better lymphatic flow. It promotes metabolism, as well as strengthens connective tissues, improving the quality of the skin.

Benefits - Significant skin strengthening, buttock lifting and shaping.

The results are visible and perceptible immediately and represent a significant change in the figure.

Enjoying these wonderful procedures, you will get a beautiful brazilian butt!

We recommend procedures twice a week, 8-15 procedures.

28.00 EUR (standart price 35.00 EUR)

60 mins

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Slim waist

Slimming of the abdomen, waist with a vacuum massage combined with an electrical procedure - Lipolysis

Vacuum massage activates lymphatic drainage, actively removes metabolic end products from the cell (improves metabolism) and strengthens connective tissue.

The Lipolysis procedure, on the other hand, doubles the metabolism and improves skin tone, firmness and waist.

38.00 EUR (standart price 54.00 EUR)

90 minutes

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"BioPhyto" line for sensitive, irritated skin

Facial care, Riga Wealth Weyergans


BioPhyto takes active ingredients to an entirely new level of efficiency, while maximizing the properties of traditional ones. The high concentration actives are derma-protective, purifying, and contribute to a balanced, radiant complexion, free of any stress or discomfort.

The series provides customized solutions to an array of adverse skin manifestations like hyperkeratinization, excess sebum, flakiness, irritation, dullness or uneven tone.

The results:

  • skin cleansing, removal of the sebum, comedon softening;

  • pores restrictive effect;

  • microcirculation enhancement;

  • removing hyperemia and reducing signs of inflammation;

  • improvement of skin color and texture;

  • deep moisturizing and skin softening.

Benefit after the course:

  • normalization of sebaceous glands, narrowing of pores;

  • preventing comedones and inflammation, absorbing of dark spots;

  • improving of tissue regeneration, preventing skin aging;

  • strengthening walls of blood vessels, normalization of microcirculation;

  • strengthening of skin protection;

  • skin color and texture equalization.

We recommend this procedure in the following cases:

  • equalization;

  • Increased excretion of skin fat;

  • problem skin, inflammatory symptoms;

  • intoxication;

  • uneven skin tone;

  • couperose;

  • prevention of aging.

28.00 EUR (standart price 35.00 EUR)

1 hour 15 minutes

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"Comodex" line for problematic and oily skin

"Comodex" line for problematic and oily skin

Comodex is a comprehensive treatment that prevents and repairs acne, acne damage, oily and combination skin. Through a powerful combination of highly effective active ingredients, Comodex treats acne conditions at the source with a holistic approach. From the best of science and nature, Comodex salon and home treatments cleanse, calm, and rejuvenate skin for stunning results.

A Holistic Approach to Healthier Looking Skin.

Acne and acne damage are caused by various internal and external factors that initiate a harmful cycle of blockage, contaminations and inflammation that unbalances and ultimately damages skin. Comodex treatments heal the primary causes of acne by exfoliating the outer skin layer, destroying infection, and regulating sebum production. Comodex’s innovative ingredients and techniques go beyond typical treatments to bring skin to its healthiest state.

The Comodex treatment immediately removes excess sebum, softens pore congestion, and reduces redness and irritation for clearer, healthier looking skin.

  • Comedones and other pimp elements get eliminated;

  • expanded pores becomes narrow;

  • absorbes infiltration and stained spots;

  • smooth skin color and texture;

  • reduces fat development;

  • skin becomes more dry and purified from dead cells.

The procedure also includes manual face cleansing.

28.00 EUR (standart price 35.00 EUR)

1 hour 30 minuts

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