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Meso Care – Non-Invasive Mesotherapy for face

"Meso Care" for face and neck

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Mesotherapy is needed to fully supply the skin with vitamins and minerals, but many refuse to receive mesotherapy because they are afraid of injections.

Now this problem can be solved by the licensed German hardware Meso Care and certified Meso cocktails and methodologies.

The electroporation method increases cell membrane permeability and ensures that biologically active substances penetrate as if they were injected.

The heat effect ensures smooth penetration of preparations in all skin layers.

The choosen substances are mixed in a cocktail and injected with nozzles of different sizes, the replacement of which allows both work in the eye area and body procedure:

  • Hyaluronic Acid - Provides skin moisture, maintains, soothes dry thirst. Fill, smooth out tiny wrinkles and wrinkles. Improves overall skin condition;

  • collagen - restores collagen fibers, makes skin elastic and revitalizes;

  • L-carnitine - improves the metabolism of nutrients in cells, improves the ability of the skin to absorb products, restores skin color and improves blood circulation;

  • amino acids - stimulates collagen production, regulates the balance of acids and bases, promotes protein synthesis in cells.

The lifting program will help to repair and fix collagen fibers.

The result after the first complex procedure is obvious.

Advantages of this method: no pain, no infection risk, no edema and no bruises, no injections.

In addition to the procedure, the price of 22.00 EUR is the opportunity to add botanical apple stem cells that moisturizes the skin, restores, protects, strengthens and promotes cell regeneration, prevents skin aging, fills wrinkles.

If you buy a subscription for 6 or 10 times, enjoying a mask will get a 10% discount.

56.00 EUR (discount from 70.00 EUR)

1 h 30 mins

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