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High Care cosmetics

Smooth and healthy skin is always associated with beauty and elegance

Weyergans High Care kosmētika

For over 25 years, Weyergans High Care AG has created a unique care program specifically for your skin's individual needs - these are intelligent products that automatically adjust to your skin's pH, strengthen the connective tissues and stimulate cell regeneration.

The high quality and concentration of active ingredients is the secret of exposure to all our facial and body care products - whether they are anti-aging or targeted cellulite treatments.

Our Weyergans High Care AG products are based on a lot of natural raw materials, such as the essential mare extract, the original Australian tea tree oil, cinnamon and hand-picked, pickled chamomile from Morocco. Their composition is also supplemented with plant hormones and enzymes.

Weyergans High Care AG pays special attention to vitamins that reduce the amount of preservatives and further provide skin with effective ingredients. This is the highest level of beauty - so easy to reach with High Care!

All of Weyergans High Care AG's products are allergentically tested and matched to different skin types. We do not test our products on animals.