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Crystal Collagen Gel Mask

Composition and effect. Algae collagen strengthens, rebuilds collagen, protects, moisturizes, sea minerals regulate pH. 

Hyaluronic acid soothes, nourishes / moisturizes, soothes dry skin, fills, smoothes wrinkles and wrinkles, improves overall skin condition.

Tartaric acid cleanses pores, smoothes the skin, regulates sebum secretion. Arbutin improves complexion, can reduce pigmentation, brighten skin.

20.00 EUR

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Crystal Aloe Eyes Pads

Refreshing and revitalising care for the sensitive skin area around the eyes.

Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic acids, Aloe Arborescens extract and Titan Aroids extract

Refreshing pads relaxes and soothes delicate skin around the eyes. But the aloe vera (tree type) provides necessary moisturizing. The cooling gel structure is able to prevent edema. Hyaluronic acid pads smoothes out tiny wrinkles and make the skin smooth, giving it a new look. Titan Arum deeply enhances sensitive skin around the eyes

Carefully open the sealed container from the other side and remove the pads. Place it under the eyes, covering the wider area around the outer corner of the eyes. Press the tabs slightly with your fingertips. Allow the tablets to act for 10-15 minutes to achieve maximum exposure to active ingredients.

It is recommended to use 3 times a week.

Available packages of 3 or  5 pairs Ref. Nr.

3 pairs – 25.24 EUR
5 pairs – 35.78 EUR

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UV+Sun Care SPF 50

Sun protection for all skin types. Perfect finish for everyday facial care.

Active ingredients:
Panthenol, Shea butter. Titanium dioxide, Tocopherol acetate.

UV + Care SPF 50 can be used in the morning as a day cream for sun protection. Apply a small amount on the surface of the cleansed skin - facial, neck and décolleté - and massage it gently.

Package 30 ml Ref. No. 302

48.79 EUR

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Meso Pen + Soon Future Concentrate

Ionophoretic pencil for Anti-Age effect, for individual home use.

Jonoforesis is a method of physical therapy that promotes the absorption of various active ingredients in the skin. The jonoferesis pencil allows you to take this treatment yourself. It has a skin-fixing and regeneration function - pulsating direct current activates ions in the interstitial space and promotes better diffusion and activates cellular synthesis. With the help of Meso Pen, active ingredients can be applied deep into the skin (transdermal system).

Meso Pen is the first such kind for home use.

We recommend you to use iontophoresis pen for the following injections:

Soon Future Concentrate is a special luxury anti-age product with the most effective ingredients, which is comparable to botox due to the high concentration of active ingredients (panthenol, vitamin D, acetyl hexapeptide). Soon Future Concentrate reduces fine wrinkles and wrinkles within a few weeks.

Package 1 pc. Ref. Nr. 970

Meso Pen – 75.09 EUR
Soon Future Concentrate – 24.60 EUR

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Hyaluron Pure

Cell rejuvenating fluid that binds and maintains high humidity in the cell. It enriched with moisture, moisturizes the skin, maintains elasticity of the skin, shapes the skin and gives it a sleek look.

Package5*4 ml. Ref. Nr. 081, 10*8 ml. Nr. 178. 

30.02 EUR

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