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Biorevitalisation – injection with  ar Juvederm HYDRATE

Biorevitalizācija - injekcijas ar Juvederm HYDRATE, Weyergans

Face, neck and arm skin texture and skin color are able to tell a lot more about you that you think. 

The new "Juvederm HYDRATE" effectively restores the natural reserve of hyaluronic acid, helping to regain a natural look and healthy skin glow. Juvederm HYDRATE confirm the effectiveness of clinical trials. 

"Juvederm HYDRATE" isspecifically designed to moisturize the skin supernatant, improve skin tone and elasticity. 

1. Glowing facial skin

Enjoy the natural beauty and freshness, give smiles and feel self confident. 

2. Neck and neckline skin tone

Take care of your skin neckline and enjoy dresses with a  deep neckline. 

3. A smooth hand skin

Your hands can reveal your age, but your power to restore the arm skin and itš  softness.

In which cases we recommend biorevitalisation:

  • photo aging;

  • chrono aging;

  • dry, dehydrated skin;

  • postakne - improvement of healing processes;

  • before and after chemical peeling;

  • postpartum period;

  • after abrasive procedures;

  • preparation of skin before botulinum toxin and dermal filler injection;

  • for smokers;

  • for those who work with computer.


  • fibroblast wellness;

  • matrix components gets restored;

  • deep moisturizing;

  • Increases defense against free radicals;

  • skin color improves;

  • skin tone improves;

  • removal of tiny wrinkles.

"Juvederm Hydrate" results speak for themselves - 85% of women who participates in the clinical trials showed that this procedure will recommend to their friend. 

Before the procedure recommend procedure Dermabrasion

Course - 3 times, interval between procedures - 2 weeks.
The result lasts up to 8 months.

For longer results, we recommend that Meso products are injected once a month with Meso Care.

130.00 EUR

1 hour

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