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Face and neckline renewal for the summer season

A combined procedure of three hardware procedures for the face, neck and décolleté.

Improving the outflow of lymph, strengthening the oval of the face.

The introduction of biologically active preparation. Information about preparations here

Beautiful lips without injections, without pain immediatelly.

4. Crystal Collagen Mask


  • activation of collagen and elastin synthesis;

  • microcirculation improvement;

  • lymph flow improvement;

  • smoothing fine wrinkles;

  • skin strengthening;

  • improved face contour.

Price with discount 91.00 EUR (standard price 130.00 EUR)

2 hours

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Vakuum Massage for Breast + Breast Applicators

Vakuummasāža krūtīm + krūšu aplikatori, Weyergans

Enzyme peeling - removes dead cells, cleanses, nourishes and softens the skin, restores the skin's protective protein layer and prevents rough skin formation.

Vacuum massage - restores tired, loose, rough, wrinkled skin. Blood circulation improves, new cells are formed sooner.

"Tone Up" – refreshes and cleanses the skin, stabilizes the skin's protective layer, softens it.

FC-L GEL – high-tech liposome preparation, which improves skin tone. It is used to tighten, strengthen and smooth the skin. 

Variable pressure breast applicators - for breast lifting, construction and strengthening of connective tissue.

Effect - Visibly improves skin texture and skin tone, prevents skin slack, improves oxygen exchange in cells, "sculptures" breast shape, provides breast lift, strengthens connective tissues, helps to prevent stretch marks, scars. 

The breast skin becomes rigid, well contoured.

For a better and more robust result, we recommend that the procedure be combined with ultrasound by administering a coupling agent.

Price with discount 50.00 EUR (standard price 75.00 EUR)

1,5 hour

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