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We introduce "Vacusport" – lactic acid removal and muscle regeneration procedure

Vacusport, procedūras sportistiem, Weyergans

Improvement of the body's functions due to accelerated regeneration.

In the big sport to achieve better results, not so much training, as regeneration plays a decisive role. Thanks to accelerated regeneration, the athlete can intensify his training and achieve better results, as a result - to be better.

Two workout intervals are used to restore functional performance as soon as possible, following up-to-date medical innovations. The best athlete is the one who is able to restore forces more quickly after workout in order to resume training again.

The procedure is recommended:

  • for the removal of lactate;

  • recovery after training;

  • creatine kinase reduction;

  • withdrawal of muscle from the muscle;

  • vascular training;

  • for capillarization;

  • blood scene optimization;

  • rehabilitation;

  • at sports injuries (tears, wounds);

  • broken links;

  • wound healing;

  • abrasions;

  • open wounds

High blood supply and removal of by-products (thawing).

The regenerating system VACUSPORT is the latest method of regeneration and rehabilitation in a big sports. It reveals great opportunities for improving the performance of the athlete's body and achieving better results.

The method.

Lower acidity decrease faster.


An increase in microcirculation and optimization of kapralisation, thanks to the expansion and contraction of the capillaries, as well as the lowering of the pressure, opens the "second heart".

Fundamental research was carried out in the space and medical laboratory, where the results of the research showed that the athlete immediately felt the results.

Cosmic medicine godfather.

The regenerating system VACUSPORT promotes the increase of functional abilities in the athlete's body.

During the procedure, you also receive an inhalation device with negatively charged O2 ions "Jono Care", intended for exclusive use in cosmetic procedures, in order to improve their effectiveness and improve the condition of body.

1 procedure - 22.00 EUR
1 procedure with Styler cream - 25.00 EUR
10 X 198.00 EUR
10 X 225.00 EUR (with Styler cream)

30 minutes

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World-renowned sports teams that are already using Vacusport

Weyergans, sporta komandas

Camp 8, St. Raphael, Francet

Weyergans, sporta komandas

Russian National Ballet Team

Weyergans, sporta komandas

Icehokey Club Ak-Bars, Russia (continental league champion (2008/2009)

Weyergans, sporta komandas

Olympic Base in Zagreb, Croatia

Weyergans, sporta komandas

Icehokey Club HK Metallurg Magnitorosk,
Rsia (vice-champion 2008/2009)

Weyergans, sporta komandas

Saxobank bicycle team, Danmark

Weyergans, sporta komandas

1.FC Köln (German Premier League –
Bundesliga – soccer club)

Weyergans, sporta komandas

Omonia Nicosia, multiple Cypriot football champion, Cyprus

Weyergans, sporta komandas

Pabellón Joseph Blatter, Pachuca, Mexico
(C.F. Pachuca – multiple Mexican and
Concacaf- Champions League winner)

Weyergans, sporta komandas

FC Barcelona (multiple Spanish & European Champion)

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