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Detox Body Styler - ion-enriched oxygen plasma

Negative ions for positive effect and special body care.

Ion-enriched oxygen plasma provides the body with a "youthful elixir".

An electrolyte gel is applied to the skin of the body. The customer is sleeping in a special anti-static "Dermio Bag" that is inflated with oxygen-charged plasma charged with negative ions. Ions provide 80% penetration through the skin. As a result, toxins are excreted through the skin. Hyperacidity (acidic medium) is neutralized to alkaline.

At the client's request, the bag can sleep up to the waist or include chest and arms up to the shoulder.

The tissue fluid pH level changes towards positive alkali (base):

  • objectively improves skin condition;

  • comprehensive body care and health mainterance;

  • acid/alkali balance restoration in the body;

  • strenghtening of weak connective tissues;

  • cellulite, venous insufficiency treatment;

  • prevention of the diseases caused by hyperacidity, such as arthrisis or osteoporosis.

35.00 EUR

40 minutes

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DERMIO Care + Detox Body Styler + Light therapy 

DERMIO Care + Detox Body Styler + Light therapy DERMIO Care + Detox Body Styler + Light therapy 2

Five million negative ions per cm3 of air.

Combined procedure.

Everything around is made of atoms. Atoms can be either charged or uncharged (neutral). The charged atoms are called ions. Depending on the charge received, the ions can be positive or negative.

Despite the name, positively charged ions are bad for our health. They have a detrimental effect on the body.

In turn, negatively charged ions have a strong stimulating effect on the body.

Negatively charged oxygen ions enter the body in two main ways.

The first is through the skin
The second is through the lung tissue into the bloodstream during the respiratory process.


  • toxins are eliminated from the body;

  • enriches the body's tissues and cells with active oxygen;

  • calms the nervous system;

  • improves sleep quality, work ability;

  • metabolism is activated;

  • improves concentration;

  • improves skin appearance.

There are NO contraindications to the procedure!!!

50.00 EUR

40 minutes (recommended course - 10 times)

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