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Dermio Care Oxygen Therapy

DETOX procedūras ķermenim, Riga Wealth Weyergans

Negative ions for positive effect and special body care.

Dermio Care emit ions on high concentration O2 (-) in the special anti-static Dermio Bags. 

Negative ions are surface active and, if introduced into the body though the dermis, neutralise toxins and acids H (+). 

The tissue fluid pH level changes towards positive alkali (base):

  • objectively improves skin condition;

  • comprehensive body care and health mainterance;

  • acid/alkali balance restoration in the body;

  • strenghtening of weak connective tissues;

  • cellulite, venous insufficiency treatment;

  • prevention of the diseases caused by hyperacidity, such as arthrisis or osteoporosis.

30.00 EUR

40 minutes

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1. Dermio Care emitates high concentrations of O2 (-) ions in special anti-static Dermio Bags. Negative ions are surface active and neutralize toxins and H (+) acids when they enter the body through the dermis. 

2. Body Peeling Styler Contouring Bath Compresses.

3. Styler cream on thighs, hips and stomach.

4. Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage "SLIDE STYLER" or "air boots" - a gentle, sliding pressure massage with airbags, which moves pressure from the bottom up, from the ankles to the knees, hips and pelvis.

5. At the same time, while sleeping in lymphatic drainage boots, you will receive oxygen ion therapy for the face.

During the procedure metabolic processes are activated, lymphatic drainage, cellulite is reduced, metabolism is improved.

The pH of the tissue fluids changes in the positive alkaline (basic) direction:

  • Improves skin condition objectively;

  • general body care and health;

  • to restore acid / alkaline balance in the body;

  • for strengthening weak connective tissue;

  • cellulitis, venous insufficiency;

  • prevention of diseases caused by hyperacidity such as arthritis, osteoporosis.

Price with discount 51.00 EUR (standart 72.00 EUR)

1 hour 30 minutes

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