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Body procedures

"ALLEY GATES" – Deep Relaxation of shoulder muscles

"The Alley Gates" program releases the shoulder muscles out of tension, during the treatment, the electrical flow automatically enters and drains, which gives a pleasant and relaxing feeling during the procedure.

In the case of painful shoulders, it is recommended to combine it with an ultrasound analgesic preparation.

We recommend to make Alley Gates  as a treatment course, combined with classical massage, vacuum massage on the back and face.

Price and duration:
15 mins - 20.00 EUR
30 mins - 30.00 EUR

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Procedure for upper part of hands

We offer a new brand of service cuffs.

A little insight into history. Rudolf Weyergans, while still a student of sociology, conducted research and spoke to women who also had armpit lymph nodes removed after breast oncology. He found that women had more discomfort with this large swelling in their hands, which could only be treated with manual massages and bandages.

R. Weyergans was the first to create and patent hand cuffs that are subjected to mechanical pressure. If one chamber overlaps the other and fills with air, a physiologically gentle lymph drainage will ensure. This method is still used in medicine.

In aesthetic cosmetology, we use this procedure to more actively remove toxins, promote tissue cleansing, improve the condition and appearance of the upper arm skin.

To make the result faster and better, we offer to combine this procedure with vacuum massage, ultrasound and electrical procedures.

A program of procedures is drawn up for each client individually.

 30.00 EUR

30 minutes

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Six steps to a perfect body

Step 1. Vacuum massage for legs, buttocks, waist, abdomen, buttocks, waist, abdomen

  • Improves lymphatic drainage;

  • Improves fat metabolism;

  • Strengthens connective tissue.

Step 2. Simply Red

  • Forming body spray with a warming effect;

  • Break down fat into fat cells;

  • Makes the body contour slimmer and strengthens the connective tissue.

Step 3. Cinnamon cream with a warming effect

  • Enhances fat metabolism;

  • Stimulates the elimination of end products of metabolism and toxins;

  • Smoothes skin texture;

  • Reduces the volume.

Step 4. The client is wrapped in film and placed in "air boots"

  • Mechanical pressure improves lymphatic drainage;

  • Vascular training.

Step 5. Vacuum massage of hands is carried out during sleep in lymphatic drainage boots

  • Improves lymphatic drainage;

  • Promotes fat metabolism;

  • Strengthens connective tissue;

  • Reduces the volume.

Step 6. Препарат Simply Red

  • Break down fat into fat cells;

  • It makes the contour of the hand thinner and strengthens the connective tissue.

80.00 EUR

2 hours

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SLIDE STYLER - Mechanical Lymph Drainage

Mehāniskā limfodrenāža SLIDE STYLER jeb "gaisa zābaki"

Mechanical lymph drainage or "air boots" is a gentle. rolling pressure massage with air cushions, at which pressure is moving from bottom upwards, from the ankles to the knees, hips, and pelvis. 

During the procedure, the metabolism processes and lymphdrainage are activated, cellulite is reduced, and metabolism improved. 

This procedure is suitable for persons with a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, cellulits, venous reflux disorder, at physical overload, and for prophylaxis of leg diseases. 

Already after the first procedure heaviness in the legs disappears, swelling and fatigue in the feet is reduced, feeling of lightness is throughout the body.  

The result is tangible, visible and measurable. 

We recommend combining this procedure with our offered Differentiated Cellulite Treatment procedures to more quickly and efficiently achieve the results you want:

- DERMIO TOP HEAD – Oxygen Therapy for Face,
- Vacuum Body Massage,
- Lipolysis, Polyshape,
- Ultrasound for the Body,
- Ultrasonic Connection with Lipolysis,
- Body Wrapping.

Before the procedure, STAYLER cream is applied, which activates the circulation of lymph, moisturizes, nourishes and soothes the skin.

Active ingredients: arnica, ivy, calendula, sebaceous root, azulene, tocopherol (Vit. E).

Pleasant light odor for everyday use even after sunbathing. SOS mask for dermatitis.

1 procedure - 25.00 EUR
1 procedure with Styler cream - 30.00 EUR 

30 minutes

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Variable Pressure Capsule "Vacustyler"

Vacustyler apvienojumā ar skābekļa jonu terapiju, Weyergans

Space technologies for anti-age effect

"Vacustyler" is the latest of Weyergans inventions, it is also one of the cornerstones of a complete cellulite removal programme. 

"Vacustyler" (Variable Pressure Capsule):

  • lymphatic drainage activation;

  • improvement of fat metabolism;

  • strengthening of the connective tissue;

  • leg disease prevention, vascular training.

Thus "Vacustyler" is a lymph drainage method with additional vascular workout. It is used:

  • for cellulite treatment;

  • for reduction of oedema, and feeling of heaviness in the legs;

  • for expanded and varicose vein treatment;

  • for microcirculation improvement (especially for patients with diabetes);)

  • after active sports activities (lactic acid elimination);

  • for erection and potency improvement.

1 procedure - 25.00 EUR
1 procedure with Styler cream - 30.00 EUR 

30 minutes

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Vacuum Massage for Body 

Vacuum Massage for Body

Vacuum massage (SPM Vacupress) helps to treat successfully cellulite problems both in small and large body areas. Vacuum massage has a beneficial effect on lymph flow, releases the body of waste products and strengthens the connective tissues. 

It is target of formation of lymphatic channels to remove waste products from the body so that new nutrients and oxygen reach the cells quickly. 

Benefits of formation of lymphatic channels:

  • releases tissues from contamination (important for cellulite treatment);

  • removes fluid from tissues (such as facial and body swelling cases);

  • treats tissues (accelerates tissue regeneration);

  • relaxes and relieves tension (relaxes your back and neck muscles).

Causes of the accumulation of fluid are a limited amount of movement, repetitive work, excessive workload, inflammation causes by irritation, mechanical obstruction (scars resulting from surgery and injuries), diseases. 

The vacuum massage procedure helps to soften any "new", already shrivelled and stiffened scas tissues. 

Vacuum massage may be helpful in belly shaping and stretching of the inner surface of things by stimulation the deepest layers of tissues, thereby activating the formation of elastin and collagen. 

The vacuum massage apparatus with a low or high negative pressure provides such treatment processes:

  • lymph drainage - is used in cellulite treatment for excretion and removal of excess fluid;

  • relaxation - good relaxing for neck and shoulder musculature;

  • forming skin - stretch marks treatment, thighs and upper arms shaping, as well as the buttocks, abdoment and breast shaping;

  • circulation / regeneration - elimination of fat deposits (increase in cell metabolism), cell activation, skin streghtening, especially in the face and neck;

  • enhancement of phagocytosis - activation of phagocytes, these are the cells that destroy fat deposits, foreign bodies and unwanted tissues, such as the treatment of telangiectasia, rosacea and spider-like veins.

We recommend to use:

Styler cream – massage cream, which is included in the differential cellulite treatment, improves lymph circulation, protects skin and makes it much softer;

Styler Tea – balanced, great tasting potion that is designed to clean and dehydrate cells, which are located between the skin and subcutaneous fat. Nutricare Styler Tea also contributes to the overall vitality and liveliness. The effect of individual components of the tea is well knows, it is good for health and stabilises the immune system;

Use lots of water in nutrition - an average of 2.5 litres per day. 

Vacuum massage of full body - 2 hours - 90.00 EUR
Vacuum massage of legs, buttocks and stomach - 1 hour - 50.00 EUR
Vacuum massage of the waist and stomach - 45 minutes - 35.00 EUR
Vacuum massage for the shoulders, trapezium - 30 minutes - 30.00 EUR
Vacuum back massage - 30 minutes - 30.00 EUR

After massage Styler cream –  which is included in the differential cellulite treatment, improves lymph circulation, protects skin and makes it much softer;

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Elekctropulse Therapy: Lipolysis, Polyshape, Isotone

Elektroimpulsu terapija, Weyergans

Electrolycolysis is one of the most recognized therapies used in the treatment of local subcutaneous fat and cellulite.

Lipolysis (gentle correction of the body) in medicine and cosmetology is known as the destruction and destruction of depot fatty tissue.

Each healthy cell has normal electrical potential, and since there are different concentrations of ions, which are mostly concentrated inside and outside the cell, electricity is able to carry ion exchange between the inside of the cell and the interstitial space.

Thanks to the cells electrical potential change, the cell membrane becomes permeable for a short time. Therefore, the cell metabolism improves and the enzyme - lipase - metabolis activity increases, which enhances the cell lipometabolism.

A the same time, the circulation will reinforce in this area, which makes it much more quickly to dispose the metabolic and products. 

The most suitable treatment areas for Lipolysis are the buttocks, hips, the outside of the thigh and the inside, the "tip", the inside of the knee, the inside of the upper arm. Men usually treat what is known as a "spare tire".

Lipolysis effect:

  • stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic outflow, which effects on the capillares, stimulating the nerves and blood vessel walls;

  • increases the permeability of adipocyte (fat cells) membrane and reduces its size;

  • hydrolyses (drains) the skin, especially in cellulite cases, where there is a tendency to accumulate in-tissue fluid;

  • tones (strengthens) tissues, which causes the rhythmic myofibril (muscular tissue) contraction.

The Isotone programme results in the long-term strengthening of your breasts, abdomen or buttock area.

The Polyshape programme includes the application of various currents, which gives the regeneration and firmness of the connective tissues. The various types of current provide for the high-quality ion exchange in the skin, fat, muscles, supplying them with adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients. Such conditions are ideal for tissue regeneration. 

30.00 EUR

30 minutes

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Ultrasound Therapy

Ultraskaņas terapija

Ultrasound is a term that is associated with modern life style. It is a new body treatment method, which combines skin toning, shaping and weight loss procedures. 

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a sound waves, which micro-vibration is 20 000 times per second, which can not be perceived by the human ear. Ultrasound is produced with special equipment. For many years, it has been successfully used in medicine, therapy and cosmetics. 

Ultrasound effects:

1. Thermal– feeling of warmth.
2. Mechanical - micro-massage.
3. Biological – physiological processes:

  • vascular dilation (increase in cellular oxygenation);

  • hyperaemia (blood circulation improves);

  • cell membrane permeability improves;

  • lymphatic drainage improves;

  • tissue pH changes towards alkaline;

  • contracted muscle relaxation;

  • pain reduces;

  • inflammation processes reduce.

Ultrasound for cosmetic use has the following effects: acoustic irradiation of the skin activates metabolic processes: end products are excreted more efficiently. 

After each treatment, the skin cells can absorb and accumulate more moisture.  The skin color improves, skin texture looks younger. 

Excellent results can be achieved in the breast and whole body regenerating treatment. The skin becomes smoother and stronger. Unlike other methods, the treatment is influenced favourably by the deep thermal effect, which increases fat metabolism. 

Simultaneously, optimal results are also shown by the deep massage (micro-massage) in areas where cellulite is combined with the "breeches" syndrome.

Use in cosmetics:

  • cures cellulite, "breeches" thighs, weak connective tissues;

  • increases metabolism and local fat burning (also flabby abdominal connective tissue);

  • improves the appearance of the skin (e.g. treatment of wrinkles or stretch marks);

  • helps to introduce the high-concentration preparations.

We recommend to make this procedure together with Vacuum Massage, Body Wrapping, Vacustyler.

30.00 EUR

30 minutes

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Ultrasonic connection with Lipolysis

Ultraskaņas saslēgums ar lipolīzi, Weyergans

When ultrasound is connected with lipolysis, a double effect is achieved in the fat splitting and connective tissue strengthening.

Ultrasound is a deep micro-massage of tissues, which assists in the carriage of active ingredients of cosmetics. This stimulates metabolism and enzymes. In general, the purpose of ultrasound is to fight with the weak, loose tissues of the buttocks, abdomen, thighs and upper arms. 

Lipolysis -  with electrical current, when pulses change, enzymes are activated, which increase cleavage of fad deposits and formation triglycerides. Is thiggered in the problem areas. Fats are split and the metabolic - waste products are discharged. 

We recommend to make this procedure together with Vacuum Massage, Body Wrapping, Vacustyler.

40.00 EUR

30 minutes

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Breast Correction with Vacuum Massage

Krūšu koriģēšana ar vakuummasāžu, Weyergans

Vacuum massage is recommended for the improvement of skin tone, lifting and strengthening of connective tissue, as well as breast enlargement and shaping. 

Ideal for mothers after child's feeding period.

Vacuum massage is very helpful for small chest asymmetry.

As a result of the procedure, you will get beautiful and firm breasts, without surgical intervention and medication!

30.00 EUR

30 minutes

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Breast Applicators

Aplikatori krūtīm, Weyergans

Breast lift, construction and strengthening without any surgery?

SPM Breast - this is possible right now and quite in a pleasant way!

The breast tissue strengthening procedure is a quite simple, it takes 30 minutes. There can be a pleasant relaxation while enjoying the procedure. 

Futuristically looking breast cups are put gently on your breasts and connected to the digital control equipment, which will regulate the pressure level in the breast cups. Positive and negative pressure is ensured alternately in the cups, it leads to the stimulated blood supply to the tissues and lymph flow, and strengthened connective tissue, as well as improved metabolism (enzymes promote collagen and elastin synthesis). 

These components grant greater flexibility, firmness and strength tot he breast tissues. 

Soon your breast skin is strong, well-contoured.

We suggest to make procedure up to 2-3- times a week.

Better result can be achieved, when the procedure is combined with Vacuum massage, Ultrasound and Weyergans High Care cosmetics.

For better result we recommend you to use:

Styler formula ampules – breast skin toning and forming. Contains the active substance - fibrostimuline (bioactive serum containing fetal and placental extracts). 

FC-L GEL – high-tech liposome preparation, which improves skin tone. It is used to tighten, strengthen and smooth the skin. 

Colamine – high-quality supplement to modern diet. It contains amino acids for the skin strengthening and healthy bones. 

30.00 EUR

30 minutes

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Vakuum Massage for Breast + Breast Applicators

Vakuummasāža krūtīm + krūšu aplikatori, Weyergans

Enzyme peeling - removes dead cells, cleanses, nourishes and softens the skin, restores the skin's protective protein layer and prevents rough skin formation.

Vacuum massage - restores tired, loose, rough, wrinkled skin. Blood circulation improves, new cells are formed sooner.

"Tone Up" – refreshes and cleanses the skin, stabilizes the skin's protective layer, softens it.

FC-L GEL – high-tech liposome preparation, which improves skin tone. It is used to tighten, strengthen and smooth the skin. 

Variable pressure breast applicators - for breast lifting, construction and strengthening of connective tissue.

Effect - Visibly improves skin texture and skin tone, prevents skin slack, improves oxygen exchange in cells, "sculptures" breast shape, provides breast lift, strengthens connective tissues, helps to prevent stretch marks, scars. 

The breast skin becomes rigid, well contoured.

For a better and more robust result, we recommend that the procedure be combined with ultrasound by administering a coupling agent.

 75.00 EUR

1,5 hour

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Brasilian Butt

Brazilian Butt., Weyergans

The procedure is in fact a dual double-acting procedure!

1. step. 
Vacuum massage improves lymphatic reflux, metabolism of the fat, strengthens connective tissue, increases skin elasticity and firmness. The procedure works by stimulating the deeper layers of the tissue, resulting in the activation of elastin and collagen formation.

Apply AE-Stick to promote fat metabolism.

2. step.
The effect of the variable pressure applicators improves tissue depletion, better lymphatic flow. It promotes metabolism, as well as strengthens connective tissues, improving the quality of the skin.

Benefits - Significant skin strengthening, buttock lifting and shaping.

The results are visible and perceptible immediately and represent a significant change in the figure.

Enjoying these wonderful procedures, you will get a beautiful brazilian butt!

We recommend procedures twice a week, 8-15 procedures.

40.00 EUR

50 minutes

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Body Wrapping with Cinnamon / algae mask

Ķermeņa ietīšana, Weyergans

Body Wrapping with cinnamon / algae mask

After the first treatment reduced circumference, skin becomes smoother, impurities are removed from body. 

Cinnamon / seaweed mask reinforces the "body wrap" effect of accelerating the strengthening of connective tissues. 

Algae contribute extra skin forming. 

During the procedure, the skin is given the opportunity to absorb the moisture, oxygen and essential mineral, which helps the skin to emergence, lymphatic flow improves, metabolic end products actively excreted from the body, fat metabolism in the cells increases, connective tissue is strengthened, the skin is toned up, the skin relieves the skin.

Already after the first procedure, the circumference is considerably reduced, minus 2 cm.

By saving your precious time, we recommend to enjoy facial procedure the same time.

45.00 EUR

40 minutes

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Body Wrapping with Cinnamon Mask

Kompresijas ietīšana ar kanēļa masku, Weyergans

Benefits of procedure:

  • improves blood circulation and lymph circulation;

  • removes sludge;

  • extracts and essential oils are cleanses and renewes;

  • reduces cellulite.

Already after the first procedure your circumference reduces, skin becomes smoother, and waste products are excreted from the body.

40.00 EUR

40 minutes

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For the well-being of the body

For the well-being of the body

Benefits - save your precious time while staying in “air boots”, and at the same time, your skin acquiring the amazing effects of a mask of cinnamon algae!

Lymphatic drainage, metabolism triple within an hour, strengthening of connective tissue, training of blood vessels doubles. 

Step 1. Vacuum massage improves lymphatic drainage and speeds up metabolism.

Step 2. Cinnamon algae mask, due to its warming effect, will actively circulate in the tissues and improve metabolism. Algae improves skin firmness.

Step 3. Lymphatic drainage boots with the help of mechanical pressure improve the outflow of lymph and increase metabolism

or* Vacustayler, vacuum therapy, provides outflow of lymph, increases metabolism, strengthens connective tissues, trains blood vessels.

* In the third step, the selection of the device according to individual indications..

60.00 EUR)

1 hour 20 minutes

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Vaksācija, Weyergans

Excess hair removal from unwanted areas with the professional "I. DE. MA." waxes, which are made of pine resin. 

The manufacturer's Xanitalia success, which has allowed  it to become a leader on the depilatory max market, is based on a thorough quality control. 

Special fruit flavours and distinctive colors of was make the procedure very pleasant and refreshing. 

Its contained titanium dioxide provides a gentle waxing procedure for particularly sensitive skin. 

Prices and duration

10 minūtes



Chin and upper lip10.00 EUR10 mins
Armpits5.00-15.00 EUR10 mins
Arms15.00-20.00 EUR20 mins
Bikini20.00 EUR20 mins
Full bikini30.00 EUR40 mins
Shins and knees15.00-20.00 EUR20 mins
Legs30.00 EUR30 mins

10 minūtes

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Discount for birthday and name day!

On your birthday anniversary, as well as on the name day
we offer you a 15% discount on any procedure.

Enjoy this moment and get satisfaction!

We kindly ask you to sign up for procedures at least 2 days before!

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