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Active cosmetics for Face and Body

High Care Therapeutic Cosmetics: These are cosmetic products that do more than just clean and nourish the skin! These include the latest advances in biotechnology, modern medicine and the latest scientific discoveries.

We help nature to make full use of its potential!

These products are not available at department store shelves, but only in exclusive beauty institutes.

High Care Complex Sebo Care

"Complex Sebo Care"

Enzymes concentrate for sonoforesis problematic skin. The product can be used only with salon equipment.

Package 50 ml Ref. Nr. 183

Price: 46.42 EUR

High Care FC-L Gel

"FC-L Gel"

Protein complex for skin tone.

FC-L Gel is a liposome product used to improve skin tone and rigidity. 

Selective exclusive ingredients promote cell division and growth.

Special ingredients are transported with liposome. The gel is used for toning, lifting and smoothing the skin.

Package 50 ml Ref. Nr. 091

Price: 97.16 EUR

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